Total Access Detective: Microsoft Access Database Comparison

Welcome to the Total Access Detective Tour

Welcome to Total Access Detective, the object comparison Wizard for Microsoft Access. Total Access Detective gives you the ability to compare any two objects or two databases for differences, simplifying the tracking of changes between versions. For multi-developer or multi-site environments, Total Access Detective detects differences between databases to ease the consolidation of modifications.

Total Access Detective determines all differences between objects. Differences in properties, controls, fields, indexes, macro lines, and even module lines are all uncovered and presented to you. Total Access Detective can even show data differences (new and modified records) between your tables and let you combine the data into a new table. Finally, you can also perform line-by-line differences between any two blocks of text.

This tour is designed to show you how Total Access Detective makes it simple to compare objects in your database. Use the navigation buttons to move through the tour pages, or select a specific topic using the links to the left.

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