Defense Acquisition University Competency Requirements Management System


Defense Acquisition University The Defense Acquisition University (DAU) is the education arm of the US Department of Defense. It is responsible for the training and education of civilian and military personnel in the US Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines. DAU is considered one of the largest training organizations in the world.


DAU teaches a wide range of classes each containing a specific set of skills. Personnel are eligible to fill certain roles based on the classes they took. However, over time, the content of classes changed. The same class name may have slightly different content from year to year, which adds up over time.

This course drift can cause problems since hiring managers assume candidates who took a particular class a few years ago, have the skills being taught in the current curriculum of that class.

FMS Solution

FMS created a web-based solution to manage DAU's competency requirements and courseware assets. This system combines an intuitive user interface with a scalable, secure database that manages competencies, courseware and learning objectives.

The web-based solution provides custom views of DAU learning assets and identifies problems with learning objective coverage across the entire competency catalog in the 14 career fields overseen by DAU.

Key Features

  • Key Features Enable DAU administrators to discover answers to relevant questions they could not previously envision
  • Gap analysis of competency and learning objectives throughout DAU
  • Integration of course and competency data from other DAU systems to help administrators intelligently analyze this data
  • Process management to ensure that best practices are followed
  • Online, multi-user management of all competency, course and learning objective data
  • Customized filtering, querying and rich reporting
  • Intuitive website built on the Microsoft Visual Studio .Net platform, with rich functionality using AJAX techniques

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