Custom Event Management Systems

For over a decade, FMS has created software solutions for some of the world's leading organizations in the professional event management, lecture series, continuing medical education, and ongoing training organizations.

Our solutions help organizations flawlessly execute high profile and regulated events to meet their expectations. Users and administrators can customize their systems to manage multi-task processes and assignments to ensure even the smallest details are not overlooked with rich functionality for data sharing, searching, scheduling, and communications.

Key Features of our Custom Event Management Solutions

  • Template driven set of tasks, roles, deadlines and dependencies that can be customized
  • Automated generation of all tasks and who's responsible for a large number of events at once
  • Individual dashboard of pending tasks
  • Management overview to see past due, current, and future tasks with the ability to easily reassign tasks when people are out or leave
  • Complex and robust business rules engine
  • Rich functionality for searching and scheduling
  • A high degree of usability
  • Integration with Microsoft Exchange and Outlook

Examples of Engagements

Tracking Education Certification and Competency Standards

The Defense Acquisition University (DAU) in Ft. Belvoir, VA is charged with managing competencies and designing courses for the Department of Defense training and education. DAU covers all branches of the military and helps individual learn the skills they need to advance in their careers and better serve our nation.

DAU offers a wide range of courses and faces an ongoing challenge of certification drift as courses originally designed to cover multiple skills evolve and change over time.

With our competency requirements management system, DAU is better able to track competency requirements and courses for the many career fields they manage. This improves the standards of the curricula, and better informs students so they are aware of the skills they need and how to acquire them.

Continuing Medical Education (CME) Systems

FMS has worked with some of the country's top organizations providing continuing medical education (CME) events for the medical and pharmaceutical industries. Our systems manage over 60,000 education events a year across the country; that's over 1000 events a week!

Our CME solutions are focused on making sure similar events are replicated in a very scalable manner. Tracking physician instructors, attendees, feedback, and ensuring compliance with medical and FDA regulations are critical to our clients and their pharmaceutical customers.

Our event management application manages large volumes of client information, improved customer services, and minimized redundancy and employee training costs.

Speakers Bureau

For over a decade, FMS has developed solutions to manage speaker engagements and conferences.

Our event management systems assist with the operational details including managing contracts, booking events, tracking logistics, paying honorariums, tracking expenses, communicating with participants, web sites and accounting systems, automating complex rules, etc.

An integrated system with Microsoft Exchange and Outlook makes it easy to track all email communications by project so anyone can quickly understand the details of a project and step in if someone is out.

Our systems improves customer service, simplifies contracting, enforces consistency, minimizes mistakes, and establishes Best Practices through repeatable, verifiable, and user customizable processes.

Custom software for event management businesses

Why Choose FMS?

Founded in 1986, FMS is a privately held, small business. Our clients include businesses of all sizes, non-profits, and local and federal government agencies. Our developers serve many local clients in the Mid-Atlantic, Washington DC metropolitan area. We also have clients across the country from California to Massachusetts, and Alaska to Florida, in addition to our international clients. Many of our custom solutions are deployed around the world with language localization support.

Risk Free Assessment

With our experience, extensive code library, and tested processes, FMS offers great solutions at very competitive prices. Email or call us at 703-356-4700 to learn more about our consulting services and how our staff of full-time professionals can help you. FMS is located in Tysons Corner in Northern Virginia, just outside of Washington, DC.