MediVia Event Management System


MediVia Event Management System Part of the Omnicom Group, Medivia manages the speakers, logistics and attendee lists for some of the leading pharmaceutical companies. They needed the ability to track and monitor large volumes of event, personnel and finance data with limited staff.

Medivia was using an antiquated 4D application system to manage their information. They created separate instances of the application for each client they received. They needed an application that allowed them to grow their client base without creating these separate applications.

It would not be enough to simply upgrade the same application to a newer technology base. The problem demanded that MediVia be able to separate client information as in the previous low-tech copy-and-modify method, but in a common application that would minimize redundancy and employee training costs.


Microsoft SQL Server When deciding how to upgrade their existing application, FMS and the client chose to use Microsoft-oriented technologies for database and development tools in order to maximize access to industry-standard expertise and support. To store the huge volume of data, Microsoft SQL Server was chosen. SQL Server provides the secure, reliable, and highly performance driven environment to host both in-house Windows client server applications, and external web-based customers.

The application FMS developed for Medivia was a client server solution using Microsoft Visual Studio .Net, employing a scalable 3-tiered design. This design allowed the proper segmentation of the application into data-related, business-related, and user-experience pieces. This loose coupling of functionality allowed for a high level of code reuse and reliability as new features were added to the application.

As Medivia’s client base changed, their application needed to adapt. Using Microsoft database and development technologies, such as SQL Server, ASP.Net, and Visual Studio .Net, FMS make rapid but well-tested changes in a cost-effective manner, without requiring a destabilizing and disruptive rewrite.

Using an iterative release approach, FMS is able to provide the client with high-priority features quickly, while continuing to grow the application as client needs develop over time.

Key Features

  • Key Features Customized end-user designed querying and reporting
  • Centralized speaker and attendee management
  • Centralized venue and vendor tracking
  • Financial Budget Management and Review Process
  • Process workflow management to ensure that company-defined best practices were followed. No missed deadlines, event requirements, staffing requirements etc.
  • Electronically assisted event information creation using templated budget, task, attendee and staffing tools, minimizes redundant data entry and ensures consistent event management standards
  • Because of the large volume of externally-generated attendee information, we created a tool to identify and consolidate redundant information
  • Import of customer sales team, attendee, and event data from their clients (xml, flat-file, and dbase formats)

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