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About FMS

Our History of Success

FMS has provided great solutions for more than two decadesFounded in 1986, FMS has achieved worldwide recognition for its custom solutions, developer tools, and advanced visualization software with tens of thousands of customers in over 100 countries.

Over the decades, we've provided custom software solutions to over 100 organizations helping them maximize the value of their data to provide better service, improve efficiency, reduce mistakes, save money, and make better decisions. Many of our solutions are literally used in matters of life and death.

Since the early 1990's, FMS has maintained a strong partnership with Microsoft that has allowed us to offer the most advanced custom software solutions in the industry. FMS has won over 40 industry awards and was named to the Software Development Times 100 Top Software Innovators and Leaders. The passion FMS has for discovering new ways of applying technology to solve business problems drives everything we do.

How We Can Help You

The FMS Professional Solutions Group is known for developing innovative applications that bridge the gap between complex technology and ease of use.

Since the beginning of the program and for almost two decades, Microsoft has designated FMS as a Microsoft Certified Partner meeting their high annual standards for this designation. We have certified competencies for:

  • Independent Software Vendor (ISV) for our commercial products
  • Mobility Solutions
  • Software Development
  • Web Development

We achieved each of these distinctions through a combination of great solutions, customer references, certified professionals, and tested products.

Our team of expert technologists and business analysts continually hone their skills to maximize the impact of the technology they bring to you.

Our Software Development Approach

Our approach is based on an agile, iterative and results-oriented process that puts you in charge. It is based on breaking business problems into small, well-defined pieces and quickly delivering working software for your review and feedback.

We understand how to quickly meet your challenges and budget. We also recognize that long development phases rarely achieve the desired results. New ideas arise the first time you use an application, and what was correct or assumed during the initial phase may no longer be true once the software is deployed.

By providing solutions with an immediate impact, you can justify additional investment, where we can be your partner in your success.

Consulting Rates

Hourly consulting rates vary depending on the work requested, the people assigned, and the size of the project. Consulting fees range from $125 to $195 per hour, and are generally around $150/hour. Lower rates are available for clients who commit to an ongoing monthly service level agreement.

Risk Free Assessment

Please contact us for more information on we can apply our expertise to your needs.

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