Why Choose FMS Products and Services?

Decades of Quality ResultsStaying Power

We've developed award-winning software since 1986! That's an incredibly rare 35+ years for a software development firm.

You can be confident that we won't sell you something one day and go out of business the next. We're in it for the long haul.

Tens of thousands of customers in over 100 countries around the world put their trust in FMS, and we take that trust seriously.

Award-Winning Products By An Award Winning Team

Microsoft MVPFMS is very proud to have internationally recognized experts on our development team.

Industry leaders, conference speakers, authors, and Microsoft MVPs are among our team of dedicated developers.

The quality of the people at FMS is the primary reason we continue to be successful in creating robust, powerful and beneficial products winning a wide range of industry awards.

Global Customers with 90 of the Fortune 100!

FMS has tens of thousands of customers in over 100 countries! Our customers include all types and sizes:

  • Federal, state, and municipal government agencies
  • Financial institutions including banks and investment firms
  • Health care providers and researchers
  • Educational institutions
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Utilities
  • Individual consultants, programmers, and system integrators
  • Small and medium-sized businesses

Whether you're in an organization of one or one-hundred thousand, we thank you for choosing FMS!

We Use Our Products Too

FMS products are designed to meet the demands of developers and power users like you, because we use these products too!

In fact, many of our products were inspired and created for our own application development needs internally and for our clients.

All FMS products undergo rigorous in-house testing/quality assurance and external beta testing to ensure we deliver the highest quality software possible.

User's Guides

Total Access Analyzer User Manual

While many companies have abandoned user guides, FMS has not.

We want you to have the information you need to use our products to the fullest. We provide a PDF User's Guide with every FMS product that should have one.

Dedicated Technical Support Team

FMS has a dedicated technical support team to ensure our customers have professional support.

30 days of free support is always included with premium options available.

Money-Back Guarantee

FMS Money Back Guarantee

FMS products come with a 30-day money back guarantee - your satisfaction is assured!

What Customers are Saying

Here are a few quotes from some of our customers. Visit our product pages for additional testimonials and published reviews.

My readers, students and clients always ask me what third-party Access products I recommend. Because I know that an unstable or unsatisfactory third-party product can be costly or even disastrous, I am reluctant to endorse third-party products. In fact, I only recommend third party products that I personally use on a regular basis.

The one company whose products my consulting practice could not survive without are those from FMS, Inc. The products that FMS develops save my development team and me hours of time and development effort.

My development team uses Total Visual Code Tools to help them to comment and add error handling to our VB/VBA code. We use Total Access Analyzer to generate both our internal and external database documentation. We maintain our own code library using Total Visual SourceBook, and have benefited greatly from the plethora of functions that come with the product.

Finally, our clients find Total Visual Agent to be an invaluable tool for database maintenance activities, such as automatically compacting their databases on a nightly basis. Thanks FMS for products that are extremely powerful, unbelievably stable, great timesavers, easy to learn, and an absolute pleasure to work with!
Alison Balter, Author of 10+ books on Microsoft Access, International Conference Speaker

I regard Total Access Analyzer and Total Access Detective as two of the most valuable tools in my Access toolbox.
They just keep saving me time over and over. Add to that great support and I don't have much else to ask for. Thanks, and best regards.
J. Bengtsson, Arambus Software Engineering

I started professional programming several years ago, mainly concentrating on Microsoft Access and Visual Basic. As an Access programmer, I was always on the lookout for tools to help me speed up my development work and come up with faster and more effective ways to add functionality to my applications. When I first tried out the FMS Total Access tools, I was very excited with all the useful features and how easy they were to use. In fact, I got to the point where I counted on them so much that when I had to work on a PC where they were not installed, I'd feel almost crippled. I even got a couple of my contracting clients to purchase the full-blown Total Access Ultimate Suite, which had the side benefit of making me something of a hero to the other Access developers around the company.

When FMS brought out the Visual Basic tools (CodeTools and SourceBook) I almost fell over myself to get my hands on them. Not surprisingly, they work as well as the Access tools, and integrate smoothly into the VB IDE. I find myself using them so much that it's hard to imagine the VB IDE without them; it's a though they are a part of the regular VB package, and I'd be frustrated to have to work without them. 

As I've mentioned to many people, I've always been very impressed with the work Luke Chung and the FMS staff has done with developing very helpful and easy to use tools for Access and VB, not to mention Luke's magazine articles and newsletter tips. I am also very thankful for the handy freebie utilities FMS provides for downloads on its Web site--so few business give away such handy tools at no charge. I'm also consistently impressed with the FMS support people, because they always offer help, support and even unsolicited ideas in a very timely, complete and professional manner. Never once have I felt as though I was not receiving full 100% attention to any concerns or questions.

Keep up the great work, and keep adding new tools and functionality to your product line. All of your products are of the highest quality, very reasonable prices, and easy to use. Buying anything FMS offers has become essentially a no-brainer.
Brian Battles, Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), Access developer, VB programmer, independent contractor, and happy FMS customer, Middletown, CT

"Thanks! FMS products are extremely powerful, unbelievably stable, great timesavers, easy to learn, and an absolute pleasure to work with!"

Alison Balter, Book Author, Trainer, Consultant


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