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Send Personalized Emails from Access
Easily generate personalized emails from Microsoft Access with attached PDF reports for each recipient
Disaster Recovery and System Administration
Automate Microsoft Access Database Compacts and Other Chores Across Your Network
Database Documentation and Analysis
Detect 300 types of errors, design suggestions, and performance tips to improve your Microsoft Access databases
Royalty Free Source Code Library
227 modules, 3600+ procs, 125,000+ lines of VBA and VB6 code professionally designed, written, tested, and documented
Advanced Data Analysis in Microsoft Access
Extend the power of Microsoft Access queries to calculate Percentiles, Rankings, t-Tests, Regressions, ANOVA, etc.
Who's in Your Microsoft Access Database?
Monitor and Log Users Entering and Exiting Your Microsoft Access Databases in Real-Time
Compare Any Two Databases or Objects
Know exactly what changed with Microsoft Access tables, fields, data, controls, properties, macros and modules
Create and Enhance Your VBA and VB6 Code
Code builders, cleanup existing code, add error handling, line numbering, obfuscation, unused variable analysis, etc.
Save with our Multi-Product Suites
Maximize Your Investment in Microsoft Access with our 12 Productivity Tools

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