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Why Total Access Memo is the right solution for Microsoft Access Developers

Are you developing Microsoft Access applications where users want or need to store and edit rich text? Is the Access memo field limitation of one font and size insufficient?

Total Access Memo gives you a royalty-free redistributable solution for your rich text formatting needs.

I need Rich Text Format Fields in Access

I want to add text with different fonts, point sizes, styles, paragraph justification, bullets and pictures, but Access doesn't support this.


Total Access Memo supports a full set of rich text formatting options. You can have multiple fields per record and an unlimited number of records. Rich text can be added to your forms and reports.

The Microsoft rich text ActiveX control doesn't work and lacks spell checking

I tried to use the Microsoft Rich Text ActiveX control, but I found that it doesn't bind to my data correctly without programming. Plus, it offers no menus or toolbars to make text formatting possible, and I can't spell check my text.


  1. Total Access Memo supports data binding just by setting one property.
  2. You don't need to edit only in the control. Simply press Shift-F2 to bring up the Total Access Memo's built-in editor which opens as a separate, maximizable Window. From there you can edit your text in full screen with toolbars, menus, and online help. When you finish, the rich text is saved in your memo field.
  3. Microsoft Access's spell checker cannot spell check the contents of an ActiveX control on your form or report. The Total Access Memo spell checker ensures you save text without typos.

My users don't have Microsoft Word installed

Not all of my application's end users have Microsoft Word installed, so I can't use that for my rich text needs.


Total Access Memo is a complete rich text solution--a control, editor and online help--that is full redistributable to your end users.

My users need a Full Screen Editor

My users may have Word installed, but I don't want to have to bind my memo fields to Word and write a bunch of Word/OLE code. My users need an editor that comes up quickly and doesn't rely on Word.


Total Access Memo includes a fully functional pop-up editor, with menus, customizable toolbars, and online help. Simply press Shift-F2 from a Total Access Memo control and the full screen editor appears. It can be maximized to fill your screen. When finished, the updates are automatically saved in the Access field.

I need EASY deployment

When I try to deploy the Microsoft rich text ActiveX control, I find all sorts of problems: version overwriting, control registration, incompatibilities between RTF 2.0 and 3.0 controls, and more.


Total Access Memo includes a single program that you can redistribute: this program automatically installs and registers the Total Access Memo control, along with the editor and help file. Deployment couldn't be easier.

I need a cost-effective solution

Using Microsoft Word or the Microsoft RTF control is just too limiting.


Total Access Memo gives you the rich text experience you want. For $299, it pays for itself in development time savings alone. Plus the free unlimited royalty-free redistribution rights make it even more cost effective so you can distribute your work to non-Total Access Memo users. All backed by FMS, the leading provider of commercial Microsoft Access solutions.

Total Access Memo Manual and CD

Microsoft Access 2007-2019 (32-bit) Version is shipping!

New Features

Supports 32-bit versions of Microsoft Access 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, Office 365 and Access 2007, 2003, 2002, and 2000!

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"Total Access Memo makes all the difference in my Access apps! Only Memo gives me fonts, colors, images and all the formatting tools I need. It's great!"

B. Simmons, Ciena, Linthicum, MD

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