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""It is blazingly fast...I was completely astonished at the speed of this tool.""

Thomas Wagner, eTechPartner, Inc.

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Optimized for Microsoft Visual Studio .NETTotal .NET XRef for Visual Studio Code Cross-Reference

Frequently Asked Questions for Total .NET XRef

What versions of Visual Studio .NET does Total .NET XRef support?

Your purchase of Total .NET XRef includes a version of the product for Visual Studio .NET 2003 (1.1) and 2002 (1.0).

At this time, no version of Total .NET XRef for Visual Studio 2005 is planned. Visual Studio 2005 has incorporated functionality similar to Total .NET XRef into the core feature set of this development environment. Please refer to the documentation accompanying Visual Studio 2005 for additional information.

Please check our .NET Products page for more information.

Can I try Total .NET XRef before I buy it?

Download the Trial Version to try Total .NET XRef before you buy it.

Also, remember that FMS products come with a 30-day money back guarantee, so you can buy with confidence!

When I run Total .NET XRef I get this error: "Cannot parse solution. Your solution must be buildable or an internal error was encountered."

The latest update that we have made available was designed specifically to resolve this issue that you have encountered. Please check whether you have the latest update by visiting the updates page.

If you have already applied the latest update for this product and are still encountering this error, please contact our Support Department. We are very interested in obtaining either a copy of your solution, or a copy of your Sage log file (sage.log) from your installation directory.