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"Total SQL Statistics can help your VB application deliver data quickly from your database to your consumers without having to re-enter or transform it."

- John Pearson, Visual Studio Magazine

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Total SQL Statistics Updates

The current version of Total SQL Statistics is 1.00.0022. This update includes the following bug fixes and enhancements:

  • Adjusted the Paired Fields calculations for Spearman_T_(ties) and Spearman_Prob _(ties). Previously, these fields contained the same values as the non-ties calculation.
  • Resolved an error in Two Way ANOVA results on an upsized SQL Server database.
  • Resized forms to show properly when Windows XP Style is used.

Download the Update (3.3 MB, posted 4 March 2003)

This patch is for licensed Total SQL Statistics owners only and requires installation of the original version.