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Total Access Memo for Access 2002 Released

January 3, 2002
Vienna, VA

FMS, Inc. announced today the release of Total Access Memo for Access 2002, part of Office XP. Total Access Memo allows Access users and developers to add Rich Text Format (RTF) memo fields to Access applications. By default, Access only displays text fields with a single font, point size and style. Total Access Memo eliminates these limitations.

Designed specifically for Microsoft Access, Total Access Memo supports the Microsoft RTF standards. Users can take full advantage of Windows text editing features by incorporating within each memo field, multiple fonts, point sizes, text styles, paragraph settings, color, and graphics. Paragraphs can be enhanced with alignment options (left, right, center, justified), tabs, bullet points, spacing control between paragraphs, and indentation. When placed on forms, Total Access Memo includes an integrated rich text editor that pops-up for easy data entry. The results can be stored directly in Access tables, and multiple RTF memo fields may be added to each record. Total Access Memo can also be added to Access reports to generate professional printed results.

In addition to supporting both Access 2000 and 2002, the latest version of Total Access Memo includes English Spell Checking with the installation of Office 2000 or XP proofing tools, and the full justification of paragraph text.

“Many users demand and expect text formatting capabilities in their database applications,” said Luke Chung, FMS president and founder. “They don’t expect to write huge documents or replace Microsoft Word in their database applications, but they do want its capabilities for enhancing the format of certain blocks of text. Rich text memos are easier to read and understand on-screen and in reports. Total Access Memo delivers these capabilities the way users expect in Access, and in a way that’s easy for Access developers to deploy.”

"Total Access Memo makes all the difference in my Access apps. Only Total Access Memo can give me fonts, colors, images and all the formatting tools I need. It's great," said Bryan Simmons, Ciena Co.

Product Information

Total Access Memo includes a royalty-free runtime license that allows the redistribution of its controls to as many Access applications as needed.

Pricing is $299 per license, $899 for five licenses, and $2999 for 25 licenses. Upgrades from previous versions are $179. Larger quantity discounts are available by contacting FMS. Total Access Memo can be purchased directly from FMS, corporate resellers, and international distributors. All FMS products offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

About FMS

Founded in 1986, FMS is a privately held software firm located in Tysons Corner, Virginia. FMS is the world’s leading developer of products for Microsoft Access developers, and a top vendor of products for the Visual Basic and SQL Server communities. With tens of thousands of customers in over 100 countries, FMS customers are comprised from a variety of public and private organizations including 90 of the Fortune 100. Committed to innovation and quality, all FMS products are developed by an in-house team of experts including several Microsoft MVPs, published authors, and conference speakers. FMS is a Microsoft Certified Partner, a Microsoft Independent Software Vender (MSDN ISV) and a member of the Association for Competitive Technology.

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"Total Access Memo makes all the difference in my Access apps! Only Memo gives me fonts, colors, images and all the formatting tools I need. It's great!"

B. Simmons, Ciena, Linthicum, MD

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