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"Total SQL Statistics can help your VB application deliver data quickly from your database to your consumers without having to re-enter or transform it."

- John Pearson, Visual Studio Magazine

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Total SQL Statistics Powerful Number Cruncher Released

VIENNA, VA – December 19, 2001 – FMS announced today the release of Total SQL Statistics, the first component solution offering a wide range of statistical functions. Total SQL Statistics is designed for Visual Basic and Visual Studio.Net developers using Microsoft SQL Server. The product enables developers to perform a broad range of statistical analysis directly on data stored in SQL Server. Developers can easily integrate into their applications advanced numeric routines such as percentiles, frequency distributions, t-Tests, confidence intervals, regressions, correlations, one and two-way ANOVA, Chi-Square, non-parametric analysis, probability functions, and much more. Any data from SQL Server tables, views, and stored procedures can be dynamically analyzed with all results in SQL Server tables. An unlimited number of records can be analyzed at one time. A powerful, interactive Statistics Wizard makes it easy to create and fine-tune the statistical analysis desired. Once completed, the code to add to a VB or .NET project is automatically generated. A royalty-free, runtime distribution license is included.

"With the growth of data stored in SQL Server databases, the need to analyze that data is more important than ever,” said Luke Chung, president and founder of FMS, Inc. “Providing commercial statistical analysis programs for over a decade, we understand the data analysis needs of end-users and the needs of database developers. Total SQL Statistics combines these requirements into a powerful package that enables SQL Server developers to take their applications to the next level of data analysis."

Product Information

  • Single Seat License: $999

  • Five Seat License: $2,999

  • Twenty Five Seat License: $8,999

This product can be purchased directly from FMS, through most corporate resellers, and international distributors. All FMS products offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

About FMS

Founded in 1986, FMS is a privately held software firm located in Tysons Corner, Virginia. FMS is the world’s leading developer of products for Microsoft Access developers, and a top vendor of products for the Visual Basic and SQL Server communities. With tens of thousands of customers in over 100 countries, FMS customers include all types of public and private organizations including 90 of the Fortune 100. Committed to innovation and quality, all FMS products are developed by an in-house team of experts including several Microsoft MVPs, published authors, and conference speakers. FMS is a Microsoft Certified Partner, a Microsoft Independent Software Vender (MSDN ISV) and a member of the Association for Competitive Technology.

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