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""It is blazingly fast...I was completely astonished at the speed of this tool.""

Thomas Wagner, eTechPartner, Inc.

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Optimized for Microsoft Visual Studio .NETTotal .NET XRef for Visual Studio Code Cross-Reference

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Code Cross Reference with Total .NET XRef

VIENNA, VA — April 4, 2002 – FMS announces the release of Total .NET XRef, the only developer solution that instantly generates cross-reference Microsoft C# and Visual Basic .NET code using a completely integrated Microsoft Visual Studio .NET parser. By knowing and understanding all the uses of items such as classes, variables, properties, and methods, developers can use Total .NET XRef to successfully confront the challenges of understanding all parts of their Microsoft Visual Studio.NET applications. Designed exclusively for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, Total .NET XRef performs real-time impact analysis to identify which objects a code change actually affects.

Completely integrated into Microsoft Visual Studio .NET, Total .NET XRef’s numerous features include the following:

  • Runs directly in the VS.NET IDE appearing as a tool window.

  • Instantly generates a list of every reference to any name defined in code.

  • Displays every line of code containing the reference along with its class name, member name, line, column, and type of reference.

  • Supports C# and Visual Basic .NET code.

  • As code is changed, the background parser remains current, making new search calls extremely fast.

  • Reference lists can be sent to an HTML page for printing, saving or emailing at any time.

“With Total .NET XRef, Microsoft Visual Studio .NET developers can simplify their development efforts and manage more complex projects,” said Luke Chung, FMS president and founder. “Total .NET XRef is the first of our new line of Visual Studio .NET developer tools. We look forward to supporting the needs of the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET community with our innovative developer solutions.”

“With Visual Studio .NET’s amazing advancements in usability and productivity, our entire team has been able to design and develop sophisticated applications in far less time than in the past.”  said Dan Haught, FMS Executive Vice President.

“Total .NET XRef provides a valuable solution to increasing developer productivity,” said David Lazar, group product manager for the Developer and Platform Evangelism Division at Microsoft Corp. “Microsoft is excited to be working with FMS to build an easy-to-use and exciting new solution to enable business development with Microsoft .NET platform.”

Total .NET XRef is among the first FMS releases for the Microsoft Visual Studio .NET platform, which offer a wide range of tools that simplify the development efforts of Microsoft Visual Studio .NET developers using Visual C# .NET and Visual Basic .NET, and increase the functionality of their applications.

Product Information and Availability

Total .NET XRef is licensed on a per developer basis. Pricing is $199 per license, $599 for five licenses and $1,999 for 25 licenses. Larger quantity discounts are available by contacting FMS directly. Total .NET XRef can be purchased directly from FMS, corporate resellers, and international distributors. All FMS products offer a 30-day money back guarantee. A trial version of Total .NET XRef is available.

About FMS

Founded in 1986, FMS is a privately held software firm located in Tysons Corner, Virginia. FMS is a world leading provider of tools for developers using Microsoft Access, SQL Server, Visual Studio .NET and Visual Basic. With tens of thousands of customers in over 100 countries, FMS customers are comprised from a variety of public and private organizations including 90 of the Fortune 100. Committed to innovation and quality, all FMS products are developed by an in-house team of experts including several Microsoft MVPs, published authors, and conference speakers. FMS is a Microsoft Certified Partner, a Microsoft Independent Software Vender (MSDN ISV) and a member of the Association for Competitive Technology.

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