FMS Ships New Suites for Microsoft Access 2000 Developers

Award-Winning Products That Save Developers Time and Money

August 7, 2000
Vienna, VA

FMS, Inc. the world's leading developer of tools for Microsoft Access, is pleased to ship its Total Access Developer and Total Access Enterprise Suites for Microsoft Access 2000. These suites are designed for serious Microsoft Access developers who want a total solution for their Access database development efforts. Microsoft Access is part of Microsoft Office and is the most popular PC database with over 15 million users.

FMS is the creator of the most popular and acclaimed Access products winning over 30 major awards in a wide variety of categories. The suites bundle this award winning line of products to help Access developers become more productive at a substantial savings over purchasing the products individually.

These new suites support Microsoft Access 2000 (part of Microsoft Office 2000), and are the successor to FMS' very popular suites for Access 97.

Total Access Developer Suite 2000

The Total Access Developer Suite 2000 contains five products. These products are the core set of FMS products all professional Access developers should have. Each product offers important features to help developers create, maintain, and enhance their Access database applications.

  • Total Access Analyzer 2000
    Winner of every "Best Access Add-in" award since 1994, Total Access Analyzer helps developers take control of their databases, understand how objects relate to each other, and detect over 100 types of errors and suggestions for improving them. With over 250 reports, this is the database documentation and analysis program of choice for serious Access developers.
  • Total Visual CodeTools 2000
    A robust set of 12 tools to help developers in the day-to-day development of writing code. Total Visual CodeTools 2000 includes code builders, code cleanup to standardize inherited code, and code delivery to make applications more robust and maintainable. Supports Access 2000, Office 2000, and Visual Basic 6.0.
  • Total Access Components 2000
    A collection of 27 ActiveX controls to enhance the user interface and simplify programming. The only collection of ActiveX controls designed specifically for Access, Total Access Components 2000 lets developers add power and functionality to their applications with controls such as icon menus, tab strips, popup notes, rotated text, bitmap animation, progress meters, multimedia, form resizing, splitter bar, and more. Includes royalty-free distribution rights.
  • Total Access Detective 2000
    This database and object comparison tool for allows developers to determine exactly what is different between two objects in one database or between two databases. This tool is particularly useful when comparing two versions of a database or in multi-developer environments.
  • Total Visual SourceBook 2000
    The most extensive professional source code library for Access/VB/VBA developers with over 150 classes and modules and more than 85,000 lines of code and 2,300 procedures. All the code is royalty-free and ready to use. A powerful code browser organizes the code and makes it easy to find code. It also allows developers to add their own code. Supports Access 2000, Office 2000, and Visual Basic 6.0.

Total Access Enterprise Suite 2000

The Total Access Enterprise Suite is the complete set of eight FMS products for Access 2000. It includes the five products in the Total Access Developer Suite 2000 plus three additional programs:

  • Total Visual Agent 2000
    Performs the automated maintenance tasks on Microsoft Access databases to ensure performance, create backups, and eliminate bloat. Schedule administrative tasks hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly. Perform repair, compact, backup, and even live data extracts while users are in the system. Also launches macros and command lines on schedule. Maintains a complete audit trail and sends email warnings to the system administrator if a problem occurs.
  • Total Access Memo 2000
    Adds rich text format (RTF) memo fields to Access applications. Enhance memo fields with fonts, point sizes, paragraph settings, tabs, styles, bullet points, tabs, colors, etc. Includes royalty-free distribution rights.
  • Total Access Statistics 2000
    The most powerful data analysis tool available for Microsoft Access, Total Access Statistics 2000 provides a wide range of statistical analysis functions such as percentiles, correlations, confidence intervals, regressions, t-Tests, group analysis, non-parametric analysis, probability calculations and more. Includes royalty-free distribution rights.

Rave Reviews

Customer Karl Moore says, "After drooling over your Developer Suite ads for the last two years, I finally purchased it. Though I have only used it for five days, I must say it is one of the best software investments I have ever made. It is fantastic! I cannot wait to really dig into all the goodies. You guys do a great job. Thanks and best wishes to the whole FMS team."

Customer Brent Giesler says, "I love my Total Access Developer's Suite, especially the SourceBook. It has paid for itself many times over in time saved keeping me from having to code something that has already been done. I use it all the time. It's also been a great learning tool."

"As the leading developer of Microsoft Access related products, we are very pleased to ship our Total Access Developer and Enterprise Suites for Access 2000," says Luke Chung, president and founder of FMS. "Our Access 2000 products are our most sophisticated products to date with tons of new enhancements and our most rigorous testing ever. These programs will significantly increase the productivity of Access developers at all levels and let them create even better Access applications."

Licensing and Availability

Both suites are licensed on a per developer basis. Pricing for single and five (5) license packs are given here; additional license pricing is also available.

  • Total Access Developer Suite 2000: Single license $999; 5-license pack: $2,999. A savings of $400 and $1300 versus purchasing the products individually. Owners of the Total Access Developer Suite for Access 97 suite can upgrade for $599.
  • Total Access Enterprise Suite 2000: Single license $1,499; 5-license pack: $4,499. A savings of $1100 and $3400 versus purchasing the products individually. Owners of the Total Access Enterprise Suite for Access 97 can upgrade to the 2000 package for $899.

Products can be purchased directly from FMS through most corporate resellers, and international distributors. All FMS products offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

About FMS

Celebrating its 14th year in business, FMS, Inc. is a privately held software development firm and the world's leading developer of Microsoft Access and Visual Basic related products. FMS currently has 14 products in its award-winning Total Access, Total VB, and Total Visual family of products. Serving 90 of the Fortune 100 firms, FMS products are used by tens of thousands of customers in over 100 countries. Experts in the Microsoft Access and Visual Basic communities, FMS developers have written articles and books, and frequently speak at conferences throughout the United States and Europe including major Microsoft sponsored events such as TechEd, Advisor DevCon, DevConnections, Microsoft Office and VBA Solutions conferences, and VBITS.

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