Comprehensive Documentation and Analysis of Access 97 Databases

July 24, 1997
Vienna, VA

FMS, Inc. is pleased to announce Total Access Analyzer 97 (version 8.0) for Microsoft Access 97 is now shipping. Total Access Analyzer 97 is the latest version of FMS award winning Microsoft Access add-in. The most popular Microsoft Access add-in, Total Access Analyzer documents and analyzes Microsoft Access 97 databases. It was the winner of the 1994 and 1995 DataBased Advisor Award for Best Access Add-in, and the 1996 Access/Visual Basic Advisor Reader's Choice Award for Best Documentation Tool and Best Development Library.

Total Access Analyzer provides information vital for users and developers of Microsoft Access databases. The documentation includes comprehensive details of each object and its properties, detailed module code analysis, extensive cross-reference information showing where each object is used, diagrams revealing procedure and data flow, and much more. Over 100 types of errors, suggestions, and performance tips are provided to improve the quality of the database.

Total Access Analyzer 97 is specifically designed for Access 97 and includes many new features.

Major New Features:

  • Documents Access 97 databases
  • Supports all language versions of Access
  • Almost 100 new reports for over 225 reports
  • New hierarchical tree view documentation browser
  • Property filter to view a property's value across multiple objects
  • Enhanced Quick Doc to generate basic documentation of any object
  • Relationship Window options to view the exact window or a summary of link fields only
  • Documents over 100 types of errors, suggestions, and performance tips
  • A list of 160+ general tips to improve your database

New Documentation:

  • Command Bars, Hyperlinks, and ActiveX controls
  • New Access 97 properties
  • User defined properties of any object
  • Form and report references to controls on subforms and subreports

New Module Documentation:

  • Module analysis of new VBA syntax
  • Documentation of constants and their values
  • Documentation of class module references
  • Object references via constants are determined
  • Procedure documentation listing comments

New Errors Detected:

  • References to missing/invalid Command Bars
  • Invalid hyperlink references
  • References to invalid class module methods or properties
  • References to class module methods and properties with the wrong number of parameters

New Suggestions Offered:

  • Identically named fields with different data types and/or size
  • Tables with multiple indexes on the same field
  • Command Bar buttons with no OnClick code or hyperlink
  • Forms and reports without captions
  • Forms with command buttons that do not have an OnClick event or hyperlink
  • Forms with combo box AutoExpand property set to No
  • Reports without the new NoData event
  • Unused user defined types (in addition to unused tables, queries, macros, sub-macros, procedures, and variables)
  • Variable names that conflict with global or module level variable names
  • Constants without explicit data type

Performance Tips Provided:

  • OLE controls on forms and reports that could be an Image control
  • Forms or reports with a large number of controls
  • Queries that use SELECT * syntax
  • Queries without a WHERE clause
  • Queries that use a slow COUNT function or Domain function
  • Queries that return a large number of fields
  • Modules that use a Find method instead of a Seek
  • Modules that use a slow DoCmd.Requery command
  • Modules that use an IIF( ) function with expressions in the TRUE and FALSE parts
  • Modules with variables of Object and Variant types

"After our most extensive beta cycle from our web site, we are very pleased to finally ship Total Access Analyzer 97. Analyzer 97 involved our largest and most expensive development effort and added many new features for improving Access database creation, maintenance, and performance. I particularly like the ability to detect unused code and the same field name defined with different data types or sizes across tables. With over 225 reports, I'm sure each developer will find their favorite set of reports for managing their databases better." - Luke Chung, President of FMS, Inc.

Pricing and Availability

Total Access Analyzer 97 is available in two versions directly from FMS, Inc.: a single user version for $199, and a 5 pack for $599. Owners of previous versions can upgrade for $99. The 2.0 and 97 versions can be purchased together for $279. All FMS products come with a 30-day money back offer.

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