NEW FMS PRODUCTS FOR MICROSOFT OFFICE XP Products for Office XP and Access 2002 Users and Developers

May 31, 2001
Vienna, VA

FMS, Inc. a leading developer of tools for Microsoft Access, is pleased to announce support for Microsoft Office XP, the latest and most significant version of Office to date. FMS currently offers an award winning family of eight products targeted for Access and Office users and developers.

Over the past year, FMS developers have been working on new product versions for Office XP. The new products not only support the latest version of Office, but also add additional features to make users and developers more productive.

FMS products scheduled for updates include:

  • Total Access Analyzer
    A comprehensive Access database documentation and analysis tool. Total Access Analyzer is the most popular Access 3rd party product and winner of every “Best Access Add-in” award since 1994.
  • Total Access Components
    A collection of snazzy controls that can be added to Access applications to enhance the user’s experience.
  • Total Access Detective
    Allows users and developers to easily determine the difference between two databases or any two objects in one database. Differences with design, layout, code, and data are revealed.
  • Total Access Memo
    Rich Text Format (RTF) memo fields for Access forms and reports.
  • Total Access Statistics
    The most powerful data analysis program for Access offers a wide range of statistical functions.
  • Total Visual CodeTools
    A powerful set of utilities that assist programmers with cleaning up and enhancing existing code, preparing code for delivery, and creating new code more consistently and efficiently.
  • Total Visual Agent
    A system administrator tool to manage deployed Access/Jet databases, and perform tasks on a customizable schedule to make sure they run optimally, are backed up, and other chores.
  • Total Visual SourceBook
    The most comprehensive source code library for Access, Office and Visual Basic developers is enhanced with more code including code for Office XP.

These products are also part of the Total Access Developer Suite and Total Access Enterprise Suite, which will also be updated for Office XP and Access 2002.

“We are well on our way to releasing our Office XP and Access 2002 products to help users and developers adopting this new and exciting technology,” said Luke Chung, president and founder of FMS. “We’ve added many new features and enhancements so our customers can be more productive than ever.”

FMS expects these Office XP products to be available in the fall of 2001.

“Our goal with Office XP is to provide customers with tools to help them work smarter, which includes being able to more easily access information and share it with others, have greater control over Office, and better protect customers from losing data,” said Lisa Gurry, product manager for Office at Microsoft Corp. “We are thrilled to see FMS, Inc. capitalize on Office XP technology to provide its customers with the best set of productivity tools.”

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