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"No question this was one of the easiest transitions I have experienced due to the documentation you provide."

- R. Carter

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Microsoft SQL Server documentation program Download the trial version of the premier Microsoft Access documentation program

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First comprehensive documentation and analysis solution for Microsoft® SQL Server

VIENNA, VA - June 25, 2001 - FMS, Inc. announced today the immediate availability of Total SQL Analyzer™, the first comprehensive documentation and analysis solution for Microsoft SQL Server. Providing comprehensive documentation of all objects, properties, and settings available in SQL Server, Total SQL Analyzer allows developers and database administrators to manage their SQL Server databases with confidence through an analysis of potential issues and performance bottlenecks.

"Total SQL Analyzer builds on our years of experience creating tools for database developers," said Luke Chung, president and founder of FMS, Inc. "As SQL Server applications grow in complexity, they become much harder to understand and manage. With Total SQL Analyzer, the extensive information provided empowers developers to more efficiently create new SQL Server applications or support applications created by others. Developers will be able to build, deploy, and update SQL Server applications faster and with more confidence than ever before."

Complete Approach Offers Reliability and Finds Hidden Performance

Continuing in the FMS commitment to database innovation and quality, Total SQL Analyzer is the answer for those in the database community frustrated with the expense, time and errors associated with previous solutions that required users to document and analyze their SQL Server installation manually or with custom scripts.

Implemented as a Windows-based application, Total SQL Analyzer gives developers the tool they need to create, deploy, and maintain SQL Server installations and provides a cost and time effective service offering:

  • Complete documentation of server configuration
  • Complete documentation of object schema
  • In-depth analysis of potential issues and performance problems
  • Over 70 presentation-quality reports that show clear and concise views of all generated information
  • Powerful documentation explorer
  • Jobs defined and re-run at any time
  • Job results saved over time
  • Support for all editions of SQL Server 7 and SQL Server 2000 

Licensing and Pricing

Total SQL Analyzer is licensed on a per developer basis. Single license is available for the introductory price of $399 (regularly $499). A 5-license package is available for the introductory price of $1,299 (regularly $1,499). Twenty-five licenses are available for an introductory price of $5,499 (regularly $6,999). Larger quantity discounts are available by contacting FMS, Inc. Total SQL Analyzer can be purchased directly from FMS, through most corporate resellers, and international distributors. All FMS products offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

About FMS

Founded in 1986, FMS is a private software development firm specializing in custom database applications. As the world's leading developer of support for Microsoft Access, Visual Basic and SQL Server, FMS has built long-term relationships with consumers, businesses, government agencies and education institutions in over 100 countries. Committed to innovation and quality, all FMS award-winning products are developed by a world-recognized team of in-house experts including Microsoft MVP's and undergo a rigorous quality assurance testing process. FMS is a Microsoft Certified Provider, a member of the Microsoft Independent Software Vender (MSDN ISV) and also a member of the Association for Competitive Technology.