Statistical Analysis Program for Microsoft Access 97

February 28, 1997
Vienna, VA

FMS, Inc. is pleased to announce that Total Access Statistics 97, version 8.0 for Microsoft Access is now shipping. Originally, introduced in early 1995 for Microsoft Access 2.0, Total Access Statistics is the most advanced data analysis tool for Microsoft Access. This latest version is an upgrade from version 7.0 for Microsoft Access 95 and supports the new Microsoft Access 97 in Microsoft Office 97, Professional Edition.

Total Access Statistics is designed specifically for Microsoft Access users and developers. It runs from within Microsoft Access as an Add-in, and offers a wide variety of statistical functions for analyzing data in any Access table, attached table, or query. The statistical results are placed in Access tables that can be sorted, queried or used in reports. A Statistics Wizard eliminates the need for programming by guiding users through the process of selecting the analysis to perform and the table and fields to analyze. Analyses are automatically saved as scenarios that can be run again or edited. Developers familiar with the Access programming language, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), can even add Total Access Statistics calculations directly in their applications.

Total Access Statistics 8.0 is fully compatible with scenarios generated by all previous versions and requires no changes to any existing scenarios. Version 8.0 adds several enhancements from version 7.0 including:

  • Support for Access 97 with an enhanced user interface to match the new look and feel of Access 97.
  • Percentile calculation for Quintiles in addition to Median, Quartiles, and Deciles.
  • Inverse probability calculator to show the test value for a given probability. Previous versions only provided the probability for a given value.
  • New VBA function to calculate inverse probability.
  • New user manual and on-line help file.

"As the leading developer of Microsoft Access add-in programs, we are very pleased to introduce our first add-in for Microsoft Access version 8.0. With the new look and additional functionality, Total Access Statistics 8.0 provides the advanced data analysis features required by many Access users and developers." - Luke Chung, president of FMS, Inc.

Total Access Statistics offers a wide range of basic statistical functions to extend the analytical capabilities of Access. Statistical functions include field descriptives (weighted averages, frequency distribution, percentiles, confidence intervals), field comparisons (correlation, covariance, paired t-test), regressions (simple, multiple, polynomial), cross tabulation, two sample t­test, analysis of variance, non-parametrics (sign test, Chi-Square, Wald-Wolfowitz runs test, Mann-Whitney, Spearman's correlation, Kruskal-Wallis, Friedman) and much more.

Pricing and Availability

Total Access Statistics 8.0 supports Microsoft Access 97, version 8.0 (part of the Microsoft Office 97 Professional Edition). It is available directly from FMS and most corporate resellers. Pricing remains at $199 for a single user version, $599 for a 5-Pack. Developers wishing to incorporate Total Access Statistics functions in their applications for distribution to non-Total Access Statistics owners can purchase a runtime license for an additional $499. The runtime license permits unlimited, royalty-free, distribution rights. Upgrades from previous versions is $99. All FMS products come with a 30 day money back guarantee.


"Total Access Statistics performs a wide range of data analysis right inside Access. The product includes a Statistics Wizard to perform parametric, group, non-parametric, record analysis and more. The results are placed in Access tables that you can integrate into your forms and reports."

Alison Balter, Author

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