FMS Ships New Suites for Microsoft Visual Basic Developers

New Products Designed for Individual Developers and Teams

August 7, 2000
Vienna, VA

FMS, Inc. (, a leading developer of Microsoft Visual Basic related software, is now shipping two new suite packages for professional Microsoft Visual Basic (VB) developers and their teams. Visual Basic is the most popular programming language today on PCs with tens of millions of developers worldwide.

The Total Visual Developer Suite 2000 and Total VB Enterprise Suite 2000 collections combine FMS' award-winning Visual Basic products to help developers create applications easier and with more functionality in Visual Basic 6.0 and other VB/VBA platforms such as Office 2000. These suites also offer substantial savings over the cost of purchasing the products individually.

Total Visual Developer Suite 2000

The Total Visual Developer Suite 2000 is for developers who live by the motto, "So much to code, so little time." Offering an extensive source code library and tools to assist with writing code, the Total Visual Developer Suite 2000 significantly improves the productivity and consistency of individuals and teams of VB developers. The two products are:

Total Visual SourceBook 2000 - The most popular professional source code library for VB, Total Visual SourceBook 2000 includes over 150 classes and modules, 2,300 procedures, and more than 85,000 lines of royalty-free and ready to use code. This award winning product includes a wide range of tested and consistently written code covering areas such as ADO, Jet 4.0, disk operations, error handling, compression, encryption, business day math, graphics, Internet, FTP, Outlook, Office 2000, string manipulation, the VB objects and environment, XML, etc. Additional features include:

  • Enterprise Ready: Total Visual SourceBook 2000 is multi-user ready, which means that an organization's entire development team can share a central code library and benefit from code that is already written and tested. Developers can even "lock" their code so others can't modify it. The results? Developers aren't writing code that already exists, and new developers are brought up-to-speed faster without having to hassle others on the team. Developers can also track code by creation and modification dates, by author, and mark code as read-only. And with FMS' Source Code Exchange technology, teams can even share Total Visual SourceBook 2000 resources from remote or disconnected locations.
  • Powerful Code Explorer: Integrates directly into the user's code editor and is available from the Add-ins menu. Users can work with it while in Visual Basic or any Office/VBA program. Total Visual SourceBook 2000 also runs as a standalone program.
  • Developers have full control of the source code. They can use the code, modify it, enhance it, learn from it, and can even add their own code to the code repository so all their important code is in one convenient place.

Total Visual CodeTools 2000 - Provides a robust set of 12 tools to help developers in the day-to-day development of VB code. Total Visual CodeTools 2000 covers everything from cleaning up inherited code to building the pieces of a robust and maintainable application. The main features of Total Visual CodeTools 2000 are:

  • Code Cleanup: Modifies existing code to standardize visual style, indenting, error handling, commenting, naming conventions and more. Works according to the styles and conventions the developer defines.
  • Code Builders: A set of code builders that create new code using simple point and click forms. All generated code adheres to the standards the developer defines.
  • Code Delivery: Adds line number to code to allow error handling to target exactly where errors occur. Also obfuscates code for distribution in non-compiled environments.
  • Coding Tools: A variety of tools to make writing code in the Visual Basic/Office 2000 IDE easier.

Enterprise Standards Management: One of the most important features of Total Visual CodeTools 2000 is its ability to manage development standards for project teams and an entire enterprise. As projects become more complex, and entail greater staffing requirements, the need for standards in development becomes crucial. Total Visual CodeTools 2000 tackles this problem by offering a powerful and flexible architecture for managing standards.

Total VB Enterprise Suite 2000

The Total VB Enterprise Suite 2000 is the ultimate toolkit for the enterprise development team and includes all of FMS's products for Visual Basic developers. The Suite contains Total Visual CodeTools 2000 and Total Visual SourceBook 2000 as found in the Total Visual Developer Suite plus three additional products:

  • Total Visual Agent 2000 - Performs the automated maintenance tasks on Microsoft Jet Engine/Access databases to ensure performance, create backups, and eliminate bloat. Critical for VB developers who deploy applications with Jet databases. Complete audit trail and email warnings for system administrators.
  • Total VB Statistics - Eliminates the need to export data to other programs for statistical analysis. Developers can perform a wide range of statistical functions such as regressions, percentiles, confidence intervals, t-tests, ANOVA, non-parametrics, and much more within their VB applications.
  • Total Components Sizer - A set of fast and lightweight ActiveX controls for adding automatic resizing and splitter-bars to forms.

Licensing and Availability

Both suites are licensed on a per developer basis. Pricing for single and five (5) license packs are given here; additional license pricing is also available.

  • Total Visual Developer Suite 2000: Single license $499; 5-license pack $1,499. A savings of $200 and $700 versus purchasing the products individually.
  • Total VB Enterprise Suite: Single license $999; 5-license pack $2,999. A savings of $700 and $2200 versus purchasing the products individually.

Products can be purchased directly from FMS, through most corporate resellers, and international distributors. All FMS products offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

About FMS

Celebrating its 14th year in business, FMS, Inc. is a privately held software development firm and the world's leading developer of Microsoft Access and Visual Basic related products. FMS currently has 14 products in its award-winning Total Access, Total VB, and Total Visual family of products. Serving 90 of the Fortune 100 firms, FMS products are used by tens of thousands of customers in over 100 countries. Experts in the Microsoft Access and Visual Basic communities, FMS developers have written articles and books, and frequently speak at conferences throughout the United States and Europe including major Microsoft sponsored events such as TechEd, Advisor DevCon, DevConnections, Microsoft Office and VBA Solutions conferences, and VBITS.

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