Total Access Analyzer 2000 Released

Database Analysis Tool Remains Most Popular Access Add-in of All Time

May 15, 2000
Vienna, VA

FMS, Inc. is pleased to ship Total Access Analyzer 2000, the next generation of its popular database analysis and documentation tool for Microsoft Access. Winner of every "Best Access Add-in Award" since 1994, Total Access Analyzer 2000 analyzes the user’s entire database, giving users the information they need to manage, fix, and enhance their databases with ease and complete confidence.

As Access developers know all too well, many database projects start out simple and rapidly devolve into complex collections of related and unrelated objects. There is simply no way to keep track of which object calls or uses which object, how data is related to forms and so on. Developers could use the documenter in Microsoft Access, but the Access tool looks at each object individually with no analysis, cross-reference reporting, or detection of errors and performance problems.

By examining every object in the entire database and their relationships to each other, Total Access Analyzer 2000 provides the complete documentation and reporting options developers need. It also provides extensive module analysis so developers learn more about their code and how to improve it. Additionally, Total Access Analyzer 2000 uncovers truly critical information such as broken or missing references to objects, unused objects (tables, queries, procedures, variables, etc.), inconsistent field types among identically named fields, plus many other useful suggestions.

“Most Access developers who don’t use Total Access Analyzer 2000 have databases filled with queries, code, and other objects they would like to delete but can’t because they’re not sure the objects aren’t being used,” says Luke Chung, president of FMS. “This is just silly and just one of the many issues Total Access Analyzer 2000 resolves. Total Access Analyzer 2000 lets you understand how your databases work and how to improve them. We built this tool because we needed its features to maintain quality in our own development efforts. Why ship an Access application with bugs when Total Access Analyzer 2000 can detect them? Save yourself and your users time and headaches, and deploy more robust Access applications.”

Over 250 Presentation Quality Reports

Total Access Analyzer 2000 includes over 250 presentation quality reports with options to filter the data and customize the headers so users can make a permanent record of their databases on paper. A wide range of reports is available including different sort options to reveal different relationships. For instance, Total Access Analyzer 2000 has a table report showing each table’s fields including their type and description, and a field report showing the same data but sorted by field to show for each field every table it is in. Other reports include the bracketed module printout (all lines are numbered and indented properly with each loop bracketed), object cross-reference reports, module listings for procedures, variables, etc., application flow diagrams, and detailed “dictionary” reports for each object and its properties.

What's New in Total Access Analyzer 2000

Total Access Analyzer 2000 includes the following new features:

  • Full support for Access 2000 and all new properties, objects and settings for MDB databases.
  • New support is included for documentation of new Access Data Project (ADP) objects including Tables, Views, Stored Procedures, Triggers, and Database Diagrams.
  • Full documentation for the new Data Access Page (DAP) object.
  • Cross-reference and detection of undefined references to DAPs, Views, Stored Procedures, and Database Diagrams.
  • Full support for the new VBA 6.0 syntax and new language elements.
  • New reports for new VBA features including Enum, Events, RaiseEvents.
  • Detects unused Enum values, events defined by not raised, module variables that are not explicitly defined as ADO or DAO.
  • Detects procedures and properties that are not explicitly scoped to Public, Private, or Friend.
  • Detects ReDim statements for variables that are not explicitly defined.
  • Detects module declarations section, variables, constants, user defined types, and enums that are not explicitly scoped to Public or Private.
  • Report option to filter error, suggestion, and performance tip reports by error type.
  • Report groups to easily define and customize lists of related reports to print.
  • More summary information than ever before: a great way to see your database's "big picture view."

Total Access Analyzer 2000 runs as an Access add-in.

Users simply open their database and launch Total Access Analyzer 2000. Its step-by-step wizard lets users easily select the objects to analyze and the analysis to perform. When it’s complete, users can view and preview/print the results. All the results are stored in tables in a separate Access database.

What are customers and reviewers saying?

“The Total Access Analyzer is a must have tool for any Access developer! Until Total Access Analyzer, there was no easy and quick way to fully document and understand the architecture of an Access database. This tool paid for itself the first time my team used it and continues to pay for itself over and over,” says Chris Kunicki, Senior Associate and Team Technical Lead of Plural in New York. “Total Access Analyzer is critical when reverse engineering databases we have inherited from other developers. When a developer has not incorporated good development practices, understanding the database architecture has been like trying to navigate the New York subway system without a map. Total Access Analyzer allows us to map out the database to start making sense of how the various objects are being used. We can then begin to eliminate unused objects. Finally we start figuring out how to clean up the database. Using traditional methods (lots of wasted time hand mapping the system) this could take days. Now we can do it in matter of minutes.”

Reviewer Thomas Wagner writes “I could summarize Total Access Analyzer in one sentence: You have to have this program!”

“Total Access Analyzer is the most comprehensive analysis tool for Access development that money can buy,” says Wayne Macaulay of Cybermed Corporation in Cary, N.C. “It pays for itself with your very first analysis run against a database.”

Licensing and Pricing

Total Access Analyzer 2000 is licensed on a per developer basis. A single license is available for $299, and a 5-license package is available for $899. Existing Total Access Analyzer customers can upgrade to Total Access Analyzer 2000 for $179. Site licenses are available by contacting FMS, Inc. Total Access Analyzer 2000 can be purchased directly from FMS, through most corporate resellers, and international distributors. All FMS products offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

About FMS

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