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Pre-Sale Questions

Total Access Startup 2016 (version 16) supports Microsoft Access databases that your run with Microsoft Access 2016 though Access 95. This includes:

  • 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Access 2016, 2013, and 2010 (Access versions 16, 15, and 14 respectively)
  • Access 2007, 2003, 2002, 2000, 97, and 95 (versions 14, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, and 7 respectively)

Total Access Startup is the best way to make sure that all users run the correct version of your database, in the correct version of Microsoft Access. For information on the history of Access versions, visit our Microsoft Access Version Releases, Service Packs, Hotfixes, and Updates History page.

If you have an earlier version, these are the new features added in Total Access Startup 2016.

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Your users do not need Administrator permissions to run the Total Access Startup Launcher to start your Access application.

Running the Total Access Startup Administrator program also does not require Windows Administrator rights. The Administrator program includes portions in Visual Basic 6.0 and Visual Studio .NET.

You may need Administrator rights to install it if you want to install it for all users on the PC or its dependencies aren't installed. The setup program installs these Microsoft components, if needed (this should not be an issue for Windows NT 4 or later):

  • Microsoft Tabbed Dialog Control 6.0 (tabctl32.ocx)
  • Microsoft Visual Basic virtual machine (msvbvm60.dll)
  • Microsoft Windows Common Controls 6.0 (mscomctl.ocx)
  • Microsoft Windows Common Dialog Control 6.0 (comdlg32.ocx)

Your PC should have a copy of Access installed that supports the databases you're supporting. That is, if you want to manage ACCDB databases, you should have Access 2007 or later installed.

Each Database Administrator that installs Total Access Startup and/or applies its functionality to databases needs his or her own license of Total Access Startup.

A single license of Total Access Startup allows the registered user to create shortcuts for an unlimited number of databases, and distribute the shortcuts to an unlimited number of users across a network (allowing network users to launch the correct version of your database in the correct version of Microsoft Access).

Total Access Startup also includes a free runtime distribution option that allows you to distribute a subset of the product's functionality with your applications. See the Runtime License FAQ below for details.

For more information, refer to the License Agreement.

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Total Access Startup makes it easy to support an unlimited number of Microsoft Access databases deployed to each user's desktop (or user profile folder in a Terminal Server/remote desktop environment).

The Total Access Startup Administrator program lets you specify the options for each database. It creates an INI file containing information such as the location of the master database, local database, Access version(s) to launch, splash screen, etc.

You can create as many INI files as you'd like.

Total Access Startup includes a Launcher EXE program. Simply create a Windows shortcut to the launcher and add the INI file in the command line. Create a shortcut for each INI file. With the launcher EXE file and your INI files in a shared network drive, you have one place to manage all your Access applications across your network for all your users.

Total Access Startup offers a free runtime distribution option. The Redistributable Launcher (TASLnch.exe) ensures that users who are not connected to your network, launch your application with the correct version of Microsoft Access. Like the regular program, you can specify a specific Access version, or a range of Access versions and whether to start from the newest to oldest or vice versa. If the Access version isn't installed, your message telling them about the problem and next steps appears.

The Redistributable Launcher does not support deploying database updates, since the user is disconnected from your network.

The Runtime License gives you the non-exclusive, royalty-free right to incorporate Total Access Startup in your applications, provided that:

  1. Each developer using the SOFTWARE owns a Runtime License.
  2. Your application adds substantial value to the SOFTWARE and is not a standalone launcher program.
  3. Your application does not attempt to replicate the interactive user interface of the SOFTWARE.
  4. Your application is not a freeware or shareware product.
  5. You only distribute the Redistributable Launcher and no other files of the SOFTWARE.

Distribution is subject to the terms of the License Agreement.

For standard Microsoft Access Jet databases (MDBs and ACCDBs), Total Access Startup uses a field to determine if the userís local copy is up-to-date with the "master" copy of the database. Simply create a "Version" table in your database with a field to store the version information. You can even make this table hidden, so your users don't inadvertently modify it.

For Access Data Projects (ADPs), create a custom property for your version information. Creating a custom property is as simple as right-clicking on the ADP in Windows Explorer and opening the Properties dialog to the Version tab. Then just add a new property named "TASVersion" and set the value. That's it!

When you update your application, simply increment the version number in the master database, and all your users are automatically updated the next time they open it.

The Total Access Startup help file includes complete details about preparing your database or ADP for use with Total Access Startup.

This error occurs when you attempt to run the Update Wizard by double clicking the "Update.exe" directly instead of running it from the Windows Programs Menu shortcut.

This is because the update.exe file requires parameters to run and return the correct information. In order to determine if there is an update available for this product, please run the update wizard program from the Windows Programs menu or Windows Metro menu.

Total Access Startup 2016 supports ADPs. This was added in the 2007 version which also included these enhancements Total Access Startup 2007 (version 12.0). See the previous FAQ for information about preparing ADPs for Total Access Startup.

However, Access 2013 stopped support for ADPs. If you want to run ADPs, the user must have Access 2010 or earlier installed. Total Access Startup lets you control and require this very easily.

Total Access Startup Manual and CD

Total Access Startup 2016 is Shipping!

New Features

Supports Microsoft Office 365/2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, 2002, 97, and 95

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"Total Access Startup is an amazing product and an incredible value. It's not only made my job as a developer easier but it provides a great service to our users"

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