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Total Visual SourceBook 2007 for Microsoft Access/Office 2007 and VB6 Ships

Royalty-free Source Code Library with 100,000+ Lines of Code

VIENNA, VA – January 7, 2009 — FMS is pleased to ship Total Visual SourceBook 2007 for Microsoft Office/Access 2007, and Visual Basic 6 (VB6). Total Visual SourceBook 2007 is the world's most popular professional source code library for the Microsoft Access and VBA/VB6 communities. Originally released in 1996, Total Visual SourceBook 2007 is the fifth major release of this product and includes many significant enhancements to its proprietary Code Explorer and royalty-free source code library.

Lots of New and Improved Source Code for Microsoft Office 2007

Total Visual SourceBook 2007 includes extensive new and revised code to support the latest in Office/Access 2007 and Windows:

  • Code for the Access 2007 ACCDB database format supporting multi-value fields, attachment fields, DAO code for the Access 2007 database engine (ACE), copying data between tables with complex field types, etc.
  • Code for Outlook 2007 to retrieve, edit, add and delete:
    • Address Book and Distribution Lists
    • Calendars to manage Appointments and Meeting Requests
    • Contacts
    • Folders to manage items in your Inbox, Deleted Items, etc.
    • Sending Email
    • Notes and Categories
    • Tasks and Task Requests
  • Enhanced support for Access Data Projects with lots of new ADODB code
  • Access Application Enhancements including startup routines, form transparency, ribbon display, spell checking, and Jet security
  • General VBA/VB6 Enhancements
    • Separate global error handlers for VBA vs. VB6
    • Business day calculations including supporting holiday dates in an array or table
    • Date calculations including week numbers that are ISO 8601 compliant
    • File management including listing, creating, copying, and moving files between folders including subfolders
    • Help file support for *.CHM in addition to *.HLP help files
    • Zip code lookup routines for City and State fill-in from a zip code table (not included)
    • More printer and mouse management
  • Web code
    • Sending and retrieving Twitter messages
    • Launching Google maps
  • Multimedia code to manage Windows Media Player and modem/telephone dialing (TAPI)
  • Working with SharePoint databases
  • Working with Visual SourceSafe
  • Windows API calls with support for Vista and Windows 7

In total, there are 194 modules and classes (up from 160) and 100,000+ lines of code (up from 85,000), with almost 20,000 lines of example code plus extensive notes so you can maximize your understanding of the content.

Total Visual SourceBook 2007 runs as an add-in within the Visual Basic 6.0 and Visual Basic for Application (VBA) module editor. It supports all versions of Microsoft Office from Office 2000 through 2007.

With the release of this product, all of the twelve Microsoft Access products and suites from FMS fully support MS Access 2007.

Availability and Pricing

Total Visual SourceBook 2007 is available via ESD and also comes with a professionally printed 164 page user manual and CD. It is included as a standalone product and is also part of the Total Access Developer Suite, Total Access Ultimate Suite, and Total Visual Developer Suite.

For more information, visit the Total Visual SourceBook product page.

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Total Visual SourceBook CD and Printed Manual

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