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Microsoft Access/ Office 2016, 2013, 2010, and 2007 Version
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New features in Total Visual SourceBook for Access, Office 2007 and VB6

Supports Access/Office 2016, 2013, 2010 and 2007, and Visual Basic 6.0!

Separate version for Access/Office 2003, 2002, and 2000.

Separate version for:
Access 97/95

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Why SourceBook?


"The code is exactly how I would like to write code and the algorithms used are very efficient and well-documented."

Van T. Dinh, Microsoft MVP




Microsoft Access, Office/VBA, VB6 Modules royalty-free source code libraryMicrosoft Access Modules royalty-free source code libraryMicrosoft Access VBA and VB6 Module Library Free trial of Total Visual SourceBook for Microsoft Access, Office, VB6 and VBA

Total Access SourceBook

Microsoft Access Source Code Library and Repository

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"Total Access SourceBook offers code for almost any function you could imagine. I'm impressed with the quality of the functions included." Access/Office/VB Advisor Product Review

"Hosting over 550 fully tested Access procedures, Total Access SourceBook can really add power to your program - even for those who possess little VBA knowledge. . .
I've seen a fair number of code libraries over the years I've worked with Access, but this surely has to rank as one of the best. In fact, *the* best. Superbly commented with full descriptions and working cut-'n'-paste examples." WinPlanet Online Review

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1998 Readers' Choice Gold Award
Best Office Add-In
1998 Readers' Choice Gold Award
Best Source Code Library
1998 Readers' Choice Silver Award
Best Access Add-in

Product Summary

Why re-invent the wheel? We've integrated our most useful code developed over thousands of hours into one package for your use. For instance, do you need code to empty a table? Fix broken attached tables? Run a query? Convert numbers to text? Make Windows API calls? Or hundreds of other routines you simply don't have time to build and test?

Total Access SourceBook gives you plug and play code you can use immediately. The code is fully commented with an on-line help system that includes examples. Use and learn from our code. Here are its highlights:

  • Source code for over 550 VBA procedures designed specifically for Access
  • Code for all the major Access development needs
  • Fully commented code with explanations and usage examples
  • Easy-to-use Code Browser (like Windows Explorer) to let you find the code you need
  • Powerful query tools for more complicated searches
  • Simply copy and paste the code into your modules
  • Royalty-free distribution rights when incorporated into your applications
  • Modify and save our code as your own
  • Powerful Code Repository to let you add your own code
  • The Team Version (5-User Pack) lets you manage and share code across multiple developers

Source Code Library

Over 550 Microsoft Access Basic procedures are included organized into easy to find groups (listed alphabetically):

  • Access Environment
  • Access Forms
  • Access Macros and Modules
  • Access Queries
  • Access Reports
  • Attached Tables
  • Client/Server and ODBC
  • Converting Data Types and Units
  • Data Operations
  • Date and Time
  • Error Handling
  • File and Disk Operations
  • Information - General
  • Information - Multiple Objects
  • Information - Single Object
  • Interoperability - DDE
  • Interoperability - Excel
  • Interoperability - Word
  • Managing Objects
  • Math - Area and Volume
  • Math - General
  • Math - Statistics and Probability
  • Math - Trigonometry
  • Searching and Sorting
  • String Operations
  • Windows API - Multimedia and System Information
  • Windows Clipboard Operations
  • Windows Common Dialogs and Help
  • Windows INI File Manipulation
  • Complete Procedure Reference

In addition to the 550+ Microsoft Access procedures, a complete Windows API (16 and 32 bit) reference is included.

Totally Documented!

Of course, no code library is complete without thorough and comprehensive documentation. Our code is documented with:

  • Comments in the code itself
  • Online help with syntax definitions and examples of every procedure!
  • Industry-standard naming conventions
  • Printed user manual

Total Access SourceBook Features

Easy To Use Code Browser!

Our custom Code Browser allows you to quickly and easily find the code you need:

Total Access SourceBook 8.0 Browser

  • Scroll through the tree view list of categories on the left and see the corresponding code on the right
  • Perform queries to find the specific code you need
  • Add your own notes to any procedure
  • Print the source code and comments
  • Export the code to a file, the Windows clipboard, or NotePad
  • Set fonts, tree view options, save settings, and more with our fully configurable browser
  • View and search the entire Windows 3.1 and 32 (Win95 and NT) APIs using our API Browser

Powerful Code Repository!

Are you having trouble finding code you know you've already written? Or juggling code among multiple developers? The code repository feature makes it easy to manage and maintain your own code.

  • Modify and save any of the built-in procedures
  • Add your own procedures to the built-in list
  • Create a public repository on your network to share code across projects and developers
  • Track custom code by author, creation and modification dates
  • Control code modifications by user
  • With the Team Version, you can support centralized shared code for multiple developers

Pricing and Availability

Total Access SourceBook 8.0 supports Microsoft Access 95 and 97. More recent versions are available for later versions of Access. Total Access SourceBook is available on a per developer basis with unlimited royalty-free distribution rights for that developer.

Total Visual SourceBook Products
for Microsoft Access/Office/VBA and Visual Basic 6

License Price 2016, 2013,
2010 and VB6
2007 2003, 2002,
and 2000
97 & 95

Single $399 Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now
5 Seat $1299 Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now


Single $299 Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now N/A
5 Seat $899 Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now N/A

Premium Support Subscription

Single $299 More Information
5 Seat $999

Also Available as part of:

Total Access Ultimate Suite
Total Access Developer Suite
Total Visual Developer Suite
Total VB Enterprise Suite

Source Code for 32 and 64-bit Versions of Office/VBA

Microsoft Office 2016, 2013 and 2010 are available in 32 and 64-bit versions. The source code library in Total Visual SourceBook 2013 is compatible with 32 and 64-bit Office/VBA. Unless explicitly specified, all of the source code can be inserted into your projects and will work for users running either the 32 or 64-bit version of Office/VBA. This makes it easy to support your users without worrying about which version of Access/Office they installed.

Note the Visual Basic 6 specific code is only 32-bit compatible since VB6 does not have a 64-bit version.

Integration with the Module Code Editor (IDE)

Total Visual SourceBook 2013 runs as a standalone program or as an add-in to your VBA/VB6 IDE. The add-in can only run within the 32-bit version of the IDE. If you are using the 64-bit version of Office, Total Visual SourceBook still works on its own, but not within your IDE. 

Runtime/Redistributable Version

Source code library material is redistributable royalty-free as long as it is contained in an application that is compiled and the Total Visual SourceBook library code is not redistributed in a readable form.

Licensing Information

Total Visual SourceBook is licensed on a per developer basis. Each developer who runs the program and uses the code must have a license. Read the License Agreement for details.