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Thank you for taking the time to evaluate Total Zip Code Database! We hope this Trial lets you discover how Total Zip Code Database can help you simplify data entry and improve accuracy.

Introducing Total Zip Code Database

Total Zip Code Database is a monthly subscription to the official US Post Office (USPS) zip code database.

We’ll provide you with the official USPS zip code database with the list of every valid zip code and their acceptable city and state names across the entire USA. That’s over 50,000 records!

With this data you can simplify data entry by automatically filling city and state fields when a zip code is entered. Improve data entry speed and accuracy!

There are over 42,000 unique zip codes each with a “primary” city and state name. But did you know some zip codes have more than one acceptable city? Our database gives you all the acceptable names. Easily let your users choose the one they need without spelling a city name or state abbreviation EVER again!

We've provided this for you in an Access table so you can easily add it to your Access databases. Module code is provided to let you support the automatic lookup and fill of the city and state when a user enters a zip code. If a zip code has multiple acceptable city names, it displays the list of cites in a combo box.

For more information, visit the Zip Code Database home page.

Download the Sample Database

This trial version is designed to provide you with the opportunity to evaluate the power of Total Zip Code Database. It is a Microsoft Access database with a fully functional form that uses the zip code lookup table to automatically fill-in the city and state values when a user enters the zip code. Lookup tables for states and countries are also included. The only limitation is the list of zip codes is only for the state of Virginia.

Simply download the sample Microsoft Access MDB database: Download

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Supports All Versions of Microsoft Access, Office, .NET, SQL Server, and VB6

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"Of all the features I added, automatically filling city and state names when a user entered a zip code turned out to be what my users loved the most.

It not only took the least time, it also cost the least to implement. I still can't believe it!"

Anonymous Incredulous Developer

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