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"No question this was one of the easiest transitions I have experienced due to the documentation you provide."

- R. Carter

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Total SQL Analyzer PRO
Total SQL Analyzer

Total SQL Analyzer PRO is an enhancement to the original Total SQL Analyzer program, now called the standard version. The standard version of Total SQL Analyzer provides extensive documentation of SQL Server configurations and databases.

Total SQL Analyzer PRO builds on the standard version with extensive analysis of servers and databases to suggest ways to improve performance and adopt "Best Practices." Over 100 types of issues are checked against your system, many of which would be very difficult or time consuming to find manually. Documentation of dependencies is also added along with a powerful interactive Dependency Viewer that lets you navigate through multi-level object relationships.

If you simply want documentation of your server and databases, get the standard version of Total SQL Analyzer. If you want detailed analysis, improvement suggestions, and dependency information, get Total SQL Analyzer PRO.

 Feature PRO Standard  
Performance Analysis:  Number of performance tips found. 99 0
Best Practices Analysis: Number of issues that pinpoint design and maintainability problems. 29 0
Object Documentation: Comprehensive documentation of all server and database objects, properties, and settings.
Dependency Documentation: See dependencies among tables, view, stored procedures, user defined functions, triggers, and check constraints. X
Interactive Dependency Viewer: Navigate through dependencies to see how objects reference each other. X
Integrated Start Page: Easily manage results and get more information. X
Documentation Explorer: View documentation results organized in a tree view hierarchy.
Schedule Documentation: Define jobs and re-run them at any time.
Presentation Quality Reports
Share Information: Print reports or export to HTML or Word format.