Total VB Enterprise Suite for Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Visual Basic 6.0 Developer ProductsTotal VB Enterprise Suite for Visual Basic 6.0 Developers

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Our four products for Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 developers, with full support of Microsoft Office 2007-2016.

Increase your productivity, deliver better VB6 applications, manage your Jet databases, and perform statistical analysis.

  • Total Visual Agent
    For optimal performance, your Access/Jet databases need to be periodically compacted and backed up. Total Visual Agent does this and many other chores to ensure your databases perform optimally. Eliminate database bloat, prevent corruption, and improve performance. Schedule tasks hourly, daily, weekly or monthly. Manage an unlimited number of databases across your entire network.
  • Total Visual CodeTools
    Whether you're creating new code or taking over an existing project, Total Visual CodeTools helps you create and manage your code better with Code Builders to write code faster, Code Cleanup to enhance and standardize existing code, and Code Delivery to add robust error handling.
  • Total Visual SourceBook
    This is the most popular professional source code library for Visual Basic and VBA developers. Over 225 classes and modules and 125,000+ lines of royalty-free source code are included. Fully tested, documented, and ready to be inserted in your projects royalty-free!
  • Total VB Statistics
    If you need data analysis beyond queries, Total VB Statistics offers a wide range of statistical analysis within Visual Basic. Easily calculate percentiles, frequency distributions, regressions, ANOVA, non-parametrics, probabilities, etc. Analyze any Visual Basic table, linked table, or query with all results in tables. Include our statistical analysis library in your VB6 project royalty free.
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