License Agreement for Multi-Product Suites

FMS offers a variety of multi-product suites for Microsoft Access, SQL Server, Visual Studio .NET, and Visual Basic (VB6). The suites are available at a tremendous cost savings over purchasing the products individually.

Each of the products within the suite has its own license agreement which varies depending on the product (for instance, some have royalty-free redistributable components). Each product's License Agreement is available from its web page.

Suite Licensing and Restrictions

The licensing for a suite is for one individual user to use all the products within the suite. The user may not separate the suite and/or distribute or transfer individual products within the suite to others. The license for the entire Suite and its accompanying materials may be transferred on a permanent basis provided:

  • The original owner retains no copies
  • The recipient agrees to the terms of the Suite and individual product license agreements
  • FMS is informed of the ownership transfer in writing

Please contact FMS Customer Support for any questions about licensing.

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