Automate Maintenance Tasks with Total Visual Agent

December 12, 2001
Vienna, VA

FMS, Inc. announced today the release of Total Visual Agent, for Access 2002, the next generation of its popular database maintenance and scheduling tool for Microsoft Access/Jet databases. Whether written in Access, Visual Basic, or C++, Total Visual Agent services your databases to optimize performance, recover unused disk space, and prevent data corruption through automated backups, compact/repairs and other maintenance tasks.

Total Visual Agent is a system administrator’s dream. Total Visual Agent manages an unlimited number of databases across a network. Tasks can be scheduled to run hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or just once. A complete audit trail is maintained for every task, and if a problem is encountered, it can even send an email to alert the system administrator.

Total Visual Agent includes the following new features:

  • Support for the new Microsoft Access 2002 Jet database format in addition to support for earlier formats.
  • Manage all files in a directory plus all its subdirectories.
  • Ability to schedule events multiple times within an hour.
  • Option with Hourly Events to specify processing by day of week.
  • Option to continue processing events in a Task Group or a Directory after one Action fails.
  • Sort the History Log in ascending or descending order.

"Total Visual Agent is the perfect instrument for system administrators frustrated with the tasks required to maintain and optimize their Access/Jet databases,” said Luke Chung, FMS president and founder. “Total Visual Agent automates these painstaking stakes, while anticipating changes as databases grow and tasks take longer. By giving system administrator the ability to stipulate a finish time for the completion of these tasks, Total Visual Agent is guaranteed to not interfere with any business goals and associated timelines if the product runs out of time to complete a particular job.”

"At my work, I had to be able to retrieve some data from our AS/400 and 'publish' them to an Access application that runs at one of our production sites. When this application is done working with the data, they have to be exported to an Informix SQL system running on a SCO Unix. This was setup using ODBC and I them made some queries to transfer the data and made some macros that made all this easy to do in one step. I then had only one problem - how to do this without any user input. I took a tour on the net and found Total Visual Agent and saw that this could be the solution to my problems. And I must say that it was. 30 minutes after installation the project was up and running completely automatically. And I got compacting and backup-options for free,” said Hugo Pedersen of Denmark’s Bigfoot.

Licensing and Pricing

Total Visual Agent is licensed on a per developer basis. A single seat is available for $299. A 5-seat package is available for $899. Twenty-five licenses are available for $2,999. Larger quantity discounts are available by contacting FMS, Inc. Total Visual Agent can be purchased directly from FMS, through most corporate resellers, and international distributors. All FMS products offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

About FMS

Founded in 1986, FMS is a private software development firm specializing in custom database applications. As the world’s leading developer of support for Microsoft Access, Visual Basic and SQL Server, FMS has built long-term relationships with consumers, businesses, government agencies and education institutions in over 100 countries. Committed to innovation and quality, all FMS award-winning products are developed by a world-recognized team of in-house experts including Microsoft MVP’s and undergo a rigorous quality assurance testing process. FMS is a Microsoft Certified Partner, a member of the Microsoft Independent Software Vender (MSDN ISV) and a member of the Association for Competitive Technology.

Total Visual Agent User manual

Microsoft Access 2016 Version is shipping!

New Features

With Windows Service!
Supports: All Access, Jet Engine, and Visual Basic versions

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"Total Visual Agent is a real find, a rare combination of ease of use, and bang for the buck. In the end, no other competitor even comes close."

Thomas Wagner, Product Review in MS Office and VBA Developer

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