Source Code Library for Microsoft Access 95/97 Now Available

March 13, 1997
Vienna, VA

FMS, Inc. is pleased to announce that Total Access SourceBook version 8.0 for Microsoft Access 95 and 97 is now shipping. Total Access SourceBook version 8.0 offers a wide range of royalty-free source code for Microsoft Access 95 and 97. Access power users and developers can easily add the procedures in Total Access SourceBook directly into their applications. They can also use the code repository features to centralize and manage their own code.

Version 8.0 is an upgrade from version 2.0 for Access 2.0 with many enhancements:

  • All procedures support Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) for Access 95 and Access 97.
  • Over 550 procedures are included (up from 400 in version 2.0).
  • Extra procedures support the new features in Access 95 and 97 and functions for Internet, Office, Windows 95/NT, and more.
  • A new and enhanced 32-bit code browser simplifies code retrieval and storage.

A wide range of Access development is covered by the library of 550+ routines. Basic code includes managing data and objects, message displays, mathematical functions, date functions including business day math, printing reports, and re-attaching tables. More advanced routines include code to run queries, open forms, close all forms, and manage data display, data entry and multi-user conflicts. Developers distributing applications will like the powerful set of error handling routines to track the procedure calling tree, trap unexpected problems, and store error and workspace information in text files for further research. Advanced developers will appreciate code to easily use Data Access Objects (ADO), Windows API calls, and code for Windows, Internet and Officer interoperability. All the code is fully tested and often includes exception handling to anticipate common problems such as null values, missing data or tables, etc.

In addition to the valuable library of source code, Total Access SourceBook also includes a code repository feature to allow users to add their own favorite code which can appear in the list of available functions. Users can also copy and modify the code provided to customize it to their own needs. This allows the library to grow and makes it easy to use code across multiple databases. With the Team version of Total Access SourceBook, developers can add code into a central repository to be shared across multiple developers. Developers can establish code ownership and the rights of others to view and edit their code.

"Released in October 1996, Total Access SourceBook for Access 2.0 quickly became one of the most popular Access add-ins. Many customers not only appreciate using the code library, they also learn a great deal from the extensive comments and advanced techniques we show. With version 8.0, Access 95 and 97 developers can now take advantage of our large code base to create Access applications more easily and efficiently." - Luke Chung, president of FMS, Inc.

The New TreeView Browser of Total Access SourceBook 8.0

Pricing and Availability

Total Access SourceBook 8.0 is available directly from FMS and most corporate resellers. There are two versions: a single user version and a 5 license Team version that supports 5 developers. Each license includes royalty-free distribution rights for one developer. Prices are $199 and $599 respectively. Total Access SourceBook is available for a limited time at 50% off (for $99 and $299). Version 2.0 owners can upgrade for $69. Both versions (2.0 and 8.0) may be purchased together for only $149.

All FMS products come with a 30 day money back guarantee.

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Reader Choice Award for MS Access Source Code Library
Reader Choice

"The code is exactly how I would like to write code and the algorithms used are very efficient and well-documented."

Van T. Dinh, Microsoft MVP

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