Total .NET Developer SuiteTotal .NET Developer Suite for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET

for Microsoft Visual Studio 2003 (1.1) and 2002 (1.0)

This is the complete collection of FMS developer productivity tools for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET. With the Total .NET Developer Suite, you'll create better C# and VB.NET applications faster and easier than ever. Additionally, the Total .NET Developer Suite also includes a one year subscription to Code Webservice for Total .NET SourceBook. Save $300.

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  • Total .NET Analyzer 2003
    Develop faster. Scan your projects for hidden bugs, unused code, performance issues and more. Learn how to build reliable .NET applications the right way.

  • Total .NET SourceBook 2003
    Total .NET SourceBook is the best way to increase your .NET productivity. With tons of source code & tips, you'll learn how to use .NET to its fullest. *Included in the Suite 1 year subscription to Code Webservice!

  • Total .NET XRef 2003
    Click on any object in your source code. Total .NET XRef instantly finds all places where that object is used! Locates object references that would be missed by the built-in VS .NET search tools.

Total .NET Developer Suite 2003 Pricing
for Visual Studio .NET 2002 and 2003
Licenses Price
Single License $999 Buy Now
Five Seat License $2,999 Buy Now

Premium Support Subscription

Single License $599
Five Seat License $1,999
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Code Webservice

*Included FREE! Code Webservice Annual subscription ($100 value)

Get additional code through the FMS Code Webservice. Every time you run the program, a process runs in the background to check for updates and additional code from top-notch FMS developers.

Runtime/Redistributable Version

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