Custom Cursors Add Emphasis in Microsoft Access Database Applications

Grab your user's attention! The Cursor control lets you select your own graphic to replace the standard arrow and hourglass icons in Microsoft Access.

There are situations where you may want to emphasize items or let users know they're in a unique environment. Changing the cursor image and/or adding color immediately alerts the user's and provides a unique experience for your application.

Example of a custom cursor on a Microsoft Access form

Customizing the Cursor Control

The Cursor control is very easy to use. Simply place the control on your form and load the picture property with your graphic. When the control is disabled, nothing changes. But when it's enabled, the mouse cursor becomes your graphic.

You can use graphics in bitmap (BMP), CUR, ICO, or JPG formats.

In addition to arrows, examples could include:

Edit pencil Edit pencil help Help
Microsoft Access Microsoft Access Form Form
Binoculars/Find Binoculars/Find PDF Report PDF Report
Eraser Eraser Report Report
Export Export Table Table
Filter Filter Sound Sound

Use your creativity to create your own cursors and amaze your users!

Complete Programmatic Control

Programmatically change the cursor's picture, and enable or disable it via VBA.

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