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Winner of multiple awards, Total Access Detective is the world's premier Microsoft Access database and object comparison tool.

Readers Choice Aware for Best Microsoft Access Debugging Tool
Best Debugging Tool

Readers Choice Award for Best Microsoft Access Debugging and Testing Tool
Best Debugging and Testing Tool

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Since 1995, Total Access Detective has saved Access users and developers weeks of time on Microsoft Access development projects by automating the process of pinpointing everything that changed between databases and objects. Here's how:

Microsoft Access MVP

Microsoft MVP"Final Verdict: I am once again quite confident in putting my stamp of approval on this tool. If you are in a situation in which you quickly need to identify all the differences between multiple databases, FMS' Total Access Detective will make short work of the job at hand! ... A very nice, easy to use and most importantly, effective and thorough tool


Microsoft Access MVP

Microsoft MVP Conclusion: Awesome! It is not often we can so enthusiastically recommend Tools for Access. But the Total Access Analyzer and the Total Access Detective are simply the best tools of their kind I have ever used. You can produce Access databases of the highest professional quality by using them. They make you look good. They are worth every penny you invest in them.

Review: The Two Best Tools for Microsoft Access I Have Ever Used

Microsoft Access MVP

Microsoft MVPThe one I use, when I have little idea of what I'm working on (IOW someone else's database) is Total Access Detective

Microsoft Access MVP

Microsoft MVPUsing Total Access Detective, you can easily compare any two objects in one database or any two databases with each other. This is extremely beneficial in a multi-developer environment where different developers are making changes to different database objects. Total Access Detective assists you with the process of merging changes made by multiple developers.

Canada Toronto, Canada

Your Total Detective saved the day as my employee imported the wrong table to the server. We used Total Access Detective to detect the changes the next day when the issue was discovered, and were able to rectify the situation which would otherwise be unsolvable without this tool.
Total Access Detective saves the day again! I was puzzled why a feature that worked 3 months ago was no longer working in the latest version. I couldn’t figure it out. I then decided to run a comparison on the forms and the answer was right there in the module code. I had different code in the On Current event which is somewhere I didn’t think to look. Great tool. Thank you.

Access Advisor Product Review

Access Advisor Magazine

This awesome development tool lets you track differences between database versions…I highly recommend Total Access Detective, particularly if your work involves making changes over a period of time. (Review)

Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine Product Review

Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine Online

Definitely a useful tool to anyone maintaining a stable of Access applications.


Smart Access Product Review

Smart Access

This add-in will save you many hours of difficulty when managing any Access application with multiple developers


Denver Access User Group

Total Access Detective is well worth every penny, it will quickly pay for itself through savings in time and effort.


Apex IT Solutions

Thank you so much for going the extra mile for us Friday. We received the software Saturday, found the differences between the two databases and got the revised version to our client Monday morning.. could not have done it without you or the software!

Saved My Client!

Yikes! My client's last list of change requests included a couple of issues I knew I'd already addressed. Sure enough, their latest version and mine were out of sync, and additional changes had been made in each. Total Access detective saved days of painstaking work. Just as important, I was confident that the resulting version of the application was 100% correct.

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"Total Access Detective is well worth every penny, it will quickly pay for itself through savings in time and effort."

Tom Cryan, Denver Access User Group product review

Readers Choice Award
Best Debugging Tool

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