Microsoft Access Table Differences with Data, Fields and Properties

Total Access Detective performs detailed comparisons between two tables to tell you exactly what's different. Compare two tables in one database or identically named tables in two databases (MDB, ADP, or ACCDB formats).

Total Access Detective makes it easy to find changes to your tables:

  • Table Properties (description, linked database connections, etc.)
  • Fields
    • Field Names in one table but not in the other
    • Field Type, Size, and other properties for identically named fields
  • Indexes
    • Indexes in one table but not in the other
    • Index Fields and Properties for identically named indexes
  • Data
    • Records in one table and not in the other (new or deleted records)
    • Field differences for modified records

Visit finding the data differences between two tables to learn more about comparing records and the advanced options for comparing tables with different field definitions. After performing the data comparison, you can also choose to combine the data into a new table.

Comparing Microsoft Access Tables

When comparing two tables, you can compare the object (table design structure) and/or data:

Compare Microsoft Access table properties, data, or both

Table Comparison Results

If you choose Object and Data, the results are displayed in a form with three tabs:

  • Object: field, property, index, and other design differences
  • Data: summary of new, deleted, and modified records
  • Modified Fields: for modified records, its different field values

Structural Differences Between Two Tables

Microsoft Access Table Comparison Showing Field and Property Differences
Example of Table Comparison Showing Field and Property Differences

Data Differences Between Two Tables

Microsoft Access Table Record Comparison, Summary of Field by Field Differences
Example of Data Comparison Showing New and Modified Records

Field Differences for Modified Records Between Two Tables

Microsoft Access Table Record Comparison, Field by Field Differences
Display of the Modified Field Values in Modified Records

For additional information on comparing data and the many options Total Access Detective offers, visit Compare Records (data) Between Microsoft Access Tables and Queries

Reports for Table Design and Data Differences

Reports are available for:

  • The list of table property differences
  • Records that are new, deleted or modified
  • Field differences for Modified records
  • Field names that were compared to each other
    By default, the field names are identical but if you chose to compare by field order, these may be different.

Reports can be printed, previewed, opened in Report View, or exported to a variety of formats such as PDF, HTML, text, etc.

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