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"The entire tool is completely intuitive. It's a great training tool and has excellent potential for encouraging development standards. Total .NET SourceBook's simple elegance is impressive."

Andy Clark, Visual Studio Magazine

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Total .NET SourceBook New Features

The first version of Total .NET SourceBook for Visual Studio 2002 was released in November 2002, and a new version for Visual Studio 2003 was released the following February. Since its release, Total .NET SourceBook has received a multitude of outstanding reviews and awards, and has been extremely popular within the .NET development community.

With the release of Visual Studio 2005, we are pleased to release a new version that incorporates many of features requested over the years. The latest version of Total .NET SourceBook includes the following new features and enhancements:

Support for Visual Studio 2005

Total .NET SourceBook 2005 includes support for Visual Studio 2005. The Total .NET SourceBook Add-In is integrated into the Visual Studio 2005 development environment, and code is included for the new framework.

New Code for .NET 2.0 Framework

Total .NET SourceBook 2005 includes new code, articles, tutorials, and tips for the .NET 2.0 Framework. Quickly get up-to-speed on the latest features and techniques in Visual Studio 2005. Plus, more code keeps coming with your subscription to the FMS Code Webservice

Version Tag for Code

The new “Version” tag for code items lets you distinguish between items that are relevant to different versions of the .NET Framework. This feature lets you keep code that is optimized for different .NET versions, and always know where the code should be used. You can even search for items by version, making it easy to find exactly what you need.

Support for Code Behind Forms

Total .NET SourceBook allows you to link Web Forms and the code behind them, and Windows Forms and their designer code. This makes it easier than ever to export code items to your project.

Easier Code Insertion using the Add-In

You can now use the Add-In to insert code into your project without having a code editor open, or batch insert all items in a folder. Simply select an item or folder, and click the “Insert in Project” button. When you insert entire folders, forms and their “Code Behind” classes are even automatically linked in Visual Studio.

Enhanced Code Display

Code is now displayed in a much richer interface, with collapsible regions and syntax highlighting for HTML, XML, and ASP.NET code. New right-click shortcuts are available to comment or uncomment code, indent or outdent lines, and more.

Insert Images in Notes

Item Notes now support inserting images. This feature lets store example pictures and screenshots right with your code.

New Code Types

Two new Code Types are available for Total .NET SourceBook items: WinForm and Configuration.

Backward Compatible

Total .NET SourceBook 2005 supports code databases from all previous versions of Total .NET SourceBook.