FMS Unveils New Version of Award-winning Database and Object Comparison Tool for Microsoft Access

October 27, 1999
Vienna, VA

FMS, Inc. is pleased to announce the beta version of Total Access Detective 2000 is now available to the public. Total Access Detective 2000 is the next version of FMS’ award-winning database and object comparison tool for Microsoft Access. This version includes support for Access 2000 and a host of exciting new features. Developers can download the free beta from the FMS web site. The ten most active beta participants (those who submit, via email, the most useful bug reports and suggestions) will receive a free FMS T-shirt and a complimentary copy of the shipping product when available.

A Must-Have for Managing Access Development Efforts

Total Access Detective allows users, developers and project managers to determine exactly what is different between two objects in one database or objects between two databases. This is particularly useful for reconciling two copies of the same database especially in multi-developer environments, documenting changes between versions, and understanding end-user modifications. Every object, field, control, property, line of code, etc. is compared and differences shown. There are even options to compare data in tables and permission settings. Integrated directly into Access, Total Access Detective 2000 runs as an Access add-in with a very easy to use Wizard interface. All results can be viewed and printed to identify the changes and prevent the loss of modifications.

What’s New in Total Access Detective 2000

As with version 8.0 for Access 97, Total Access Detective 2000 still compares any two objects in one database or identically named objects in two databases. Significant enhancements include support for all the new Access 2000 object types (Data Access Pages, ADPs, new properties, and new VBA syntax); a faster code parser to compare VBA modules; and a powerful text comparison feature that examines any two blocks of text for differences.

Not only does Total Access Detective 2000 compare text blocks for line-by-line differences, it has the option to compare text as module code. This mode understands VBA syntax and performs procedure-to-procedure comparisons to quickly identify procedures in one text block and not the other, and line-by-line differences of identically named procedures regardless of what order they exist in the text blocks.

The Total Access Detective 2000 Philosophy

“Access database development takes time and effort. Losing changes or not realizing what has changed can cost you considerable time, money, and headaches,” said Luke Chung, president of FMS, Inc. “With Total Access Detective 2000, you can pinpoint every change that was made and update your databases with confidence.”

A satisfied Total Access Detective customer at Quiet Corner Consulting in Connecticut mentioned, “My client’s last list of change requests included a couple of issues I knew I’d already addressed. Sure enough, their latest version and mine were out of sync, and additional changes had been made in each. I quickly ordered Total Access Detective, and what would have been days of painstaking work took only a couple of hours. Just as important, I was confident that the resulting version of the application was 100% correct.”

Pricing and Availability

Total Access Detective 2000 is available as a single license for $149 or a five-user license for $449. For product status please visit the Access 2000 Resource Center. Total Access Detective 2000 can be purchased from FMS and through most corporate resellers. FMS also has international distributors in many countries.

Through the FMS Technology Guarantee program, customers who purchased Total Access Detective on or after July 1, 1999 are eligible for a free upgrade to Total Access Detective 2000 when it becomes available. Upgrades for purchases made before July 1, 1999 are available for a reduced price. All FMS products carry a 30-day money back guarantee.

About FMS

Founded in 1986, FMS, Inc. is a privately held software development firm and the world’s leading developer of Microsoft Access and Visual Basic related products. FMS currently has 13 products in its award-winning Total Access and Total VB family of products. Experts in the Microsoft Access and Visual Basic communities, FMS developers are frequently called upon to speak at conferences and user group meetings throughout the United States and Europe including major Microsoft sponsored events such as TechEd, Advisor DevCon, and Microsoft Office and VBA Solutions conferences.

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"Total Access Detective is well worth every penny, it will quickly pay for itself through savings in time and effort."

Tom Cryan, Denver Access User Group product review

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