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"Thanks! FMS products are extremely powerful, unbelievably stable, great timesavers, easy to learn, and an absolute pleasure to work with!"

Alison Balter, Book Author, Trainer, Consultant


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Our Quality Promise

Our success at FMS is based on our skilled in-house developers, listening to and servicing our customers, and our commitment to quality software development. By fostering an environment that encourages excellence, understanding and deploying leading edge technology, and developing the skills of our people, FMS has created, enhanced, and supported our many products over the years.

We're Obsessed with Quality!

Our products are designed to meet the needs and demands of developers like you, because we use these products, too! Our core belief is that it is more profitable to create quality applications. Not only do we reduce support costs, but over time, that's what our customers demand. All of our commercial products undergo rigorous in-house testing/quality assurance and external beta testing.

We Kill Bugs!

FMS only ships products when all known bugs are fixed. We've delayed several products because of last minute problems that don't meet our expectations. Although that can be annoying to waiting customers and expensive for us, we're committed to releasing quality software. We believe the market recognizes the quality of our work as we continue to receive great reviews and more awards than anyone else. Of course, we're not perfect. If you ever encounter problems with our software, please contact our support department. If we can fix it, we'll create a new version and make it available to you and other customers for free.

What You Get

FMS products are professionally built and packaged. This is what you get with every FMS product:

  • High-quality, extensively tested product with the standard Microsoft user interface to get you up and running quickly!
  • Extensive documentation including a context-sensitive, fully indexed, on-line help file
  • User manual with headings and index. Many vendors have abandoned user manuals or even good documentation, but we haven't. This is and will always be an important part of our product. We're committed to providing the information you need to use our products to their fullest. For all products, we provide a PDF of our user manual that you can print on your own. For others, we have printed user manuals that we can ship to you.
  • Professionally printed and duplicated CDs (except for ESD only products)

Experience and Dedication

FMS Money Back GuaranteeWe understand that when you select FMS products, you are trusting us with your money and time. We take that trust very seriously. We've delivered quality software products since 1986. Not only do we create innovative products today, we support and enhance them over multiple versions and years.

With tens of thousands of customers in over 100 countries, we are experienced in developing solutions for a wide range of environments sight unseen. We've built that expertise and are successful because we're dedicated to doing things right.

Try our products and discover why so many customers trust FMS to assist their development needs and careers! FMS offers a 30-money back guarantee on all FMS products.