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Microsoft's Visual Studio .NET platform allows you to build the next generation of software. FMS is here to help, with a complete line of developer solutions specifically designed for your C# and Visual Basic .NET code.

For Visual Studio .NET 2005

The Ultimate .NET Code Library for Visual Studio 2005

Total .NET SourceBook 2005 is the best way to increase your .NET productivity. With tons of source code & tips, you'll learn how to use .NET to its fullest.

For Visual Studio .NET 2003 and Earlier

Total .NET Developer Suite

SAVE $300 by purchasing all three .NET products in the Total .NET Developer Suite!

Total .NET Developer Suite for Visual Studio .NET

Total .NET Analyzer
Avoid .NET Programming Traps

Develop faster. Scan your projects for hidden bugs, unused code, performance issues and more. Learn how to build reliable .NET applications the right way.

Total .NET SourceBook 1
The Ultimate .NET Code Library for Visual Studio .NET 2002 and 2003

Total .NET SourceBook 2003 is the best way to increase your .NET productivity. With tons of source code & tips, you'll learn how to use .NET to its fullest.

Cross Reference Code in Real Time

Click on any object in your source code. Total .NET XRef instantly finds all places where that object is used! Locates object references that would be missed by the built-in VS .NET search tools.

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Audio Visual Overview of Total .NET Developer Suite

Haven't taken the time to learn about the FMS tools for Visual Studio .NET? Watch and listen to a slide show describing our Total .NET Developer Suite and each of its three products: Total .NET Analyzer, Total .NET SourceBook, and Total .NET XRef. Discover why so many developers are using the Total .NET Developer Suite to simplify their .NET development efforts. Slide show (3.5M)

FMS Selected: SD Times selected 100 top innovators and leaders for FMS Total .NET products that support Visual Studio .NET. Learn More

The FMS Parser: Our new line of .NET solutions is powered by our lightning-fast code parser. Supporting both C# and Visual Basic .NET, the FMS .NET Parser makes possible a whole new generation of solutions. Learn More

Tight Visual Studio Integration: As a member of the Microsoft Visual Studio Integrators Program (VSIP) we are committed to creating solutions that are completely integrated with the Visual Studio .NET environment. Learn More

Trust the Experts at FMS: We have developed in .NET since the summer of 1999! We bring that expertise to you in our world-class developer tools.

"The FMS Total .NET product line is a valuable resource for Microsoft .NET developers targeting mobile development.  Microsoft is pleased to be working with FMS to offer customers an easy-to-use computing experience that will enable developers to take advantage of the dedicated resources of Microsoft .NET."

David Rasmussen, lead product manager for .NET mobile developer technologies in the Developer Platform and Evangelism Division at Microsoft Corp

"FMS is providing Visual Studio .NET developers with an essential resource. Development teams using the Total .NET Developer Suite will experience greater productivity by identifying application development issues before deployment."

David Lazar, group product manager for the Developer and Platform Evangelism Division at Microsoft Corp.

Need Help with your .NET Projects? The FMS Professional Solutions Group can help you create world-class solutions with Visual Studio .NET and related technologies such as SQL Server and SharePoint. In addition to developing commercial .NET Developer Tools, FMS has delivered high-quality custom solutions using .NET to a variety of clients. Learn more about our Visual Studio Consulting Services for the Internet with ASP.NET and Windows.