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"Total SQL Statistics can help your VB application deliver data quickly from your database to your consumers without having to re-enter or transform it."

- John Pearson, Visual Studio Magazine

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Microsoft SQL Server Statistics Program Visual Studio .NET Free Trial Version

Total SQL Statistics for Microsoft SQL Server Databases

Total SQL Statistics offers a wide range of statistical functions for Microsoft Visual Basic and Visual Studio .Net developers using Microsoft SQL Server data. It offers functions to analyze data stored in SQL Server tables, views, stored procedures, and user defined functions.

Developed specifically for Visual Basic and Visual Studio .Net developers using SQL Server data, Total SQL Statistics eliminates the need to export data to other programs for statistical analysis. Perform a wide range of statistical functions with all results in SQL Server tables. View, sort, query, or display the results.

Total SQL Statistics Scenario Designer

Total SQL Statistics includes two parts. The first is an interactive Statistics Scenario Designer. This standalone program lets you easily specify the database, data, fields, and analysis to perform.

The second part is a DLL component that performs the analysis. Design analysis scenarios by running our standalone Scenario Designer program, and run them from your program with a simple DLL call into a distributable run-time library. Only the structure of the scenario is saved, not the data, so analysis is always performed on the current data. 

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Total SQL Statistics for Microsoft SQL Server

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Licensing Information

Total SQL Statistics is licensed on a per developer basis. Each developer who uses or redistributes the program must have a license.

Runtime/Redistributable Version

Total SQL Statistics includes royalty-free redistribution rights.

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