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David Lazar, group product manager for the Developer and Platform Evangelism Division at Microsoft

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Optimized for Visual Studio .NETTotal .NET Analyzer for Visual Studio Code Analysis

Review: Improve Code Confidence

ZD Net Australia, Mike Gunderloy May 29, 2003

Automated code tools can help developers locate potential problem points in their code before it ever leaves their machines.

Total .NET Analyzer

If youíre a developer who prefers to work within the Visual Studio .NET interface, take a look at Total .NET Analyzer from FMS. The FMS folks have been developing analysis tools for a good long while, and this is a mature and dependable product. Itís also completely integrated with Visual Studio .NET. Total .NET Analyzer provides its own dockable ToolWindow in which all analysis is performed.

One thing youíll notice if you run Analyzer is that itís fast. Thatís because, as a VS.NET add-in, it keeps an eye on your code as you type it. Analyzer constantly runs your code through its own parsing engine so that when you want results back, it can deliver quickly.

The other benefit to this parsing is that Analyzer can perform some quite sophisticated analysis. For example, it can warn you about code thatís never executed because a logical condition can never be true. Other rules cover everything from variable naming that doesnít conform to the design guidelines through warnings about the cost of boxing and unboxing.

Of the products Iíve looked at here, Total .NET Analyzer takes the most detailed look at code from all angles of best practices.

There are other benefits to Visual Studio .NET integration as well. You donít have to search to find the line of code thatís causing a warning; just click in the ToolWindow, and youíll be taken directly there. Also, you can get more details about errors at any time by clicking a button in the Analyzer interface; these details open as help pages within the IDE.

Of course, no product is perfect. Although there is some customizing here (you can adjust the severity or category of a rule or add your own notes), you canít extend the list with your own rules. So if your corporate standards donít agree with those suggested by FMS, this product could be a poor fit. Fortunately, the entire rules list is online (along with other information and a trial download) at the FMS Web site.

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