Summary List of Reports Generated by Total Access Analyzer for Your Microsoft Access Databases

Total Access Analyzer includes 400+ reports, making it the most powerful documentation and analysis program for Microsoft Access professionals.

Microsoft Access Database Documentation Reports

You can customize the header and footer of the reports from the [Options] button. Many of the reports allow you to filter the objects or issues.

Each database's documentation is stored separately, so you can always go back to your previously documented data.

The reports are organized into these major categories:

This page features a subset of reports with links to images and details. Click here for a complete list of all Total Access Analyzer documentation reports.

Microsoft Access Database Documentation Summary Database Summary

An overview of what's in your database.

Object Cross Reference Analysis

Cross-Reference reports show where and how objects are used. Knowing this information is critical before making modifications to individual objects

Hierarchical diagrams visually reveal how objects reference each other through multiple levels.

Application Flow Diagram

Procedure and event flow for the entire database
Application Flow Diagram

Data Diagram

How data flows from tables into queries, forms, reports, etc.
Data Flow Diagrams

Object Diagram

What objects are referenced by a form, report, or query
Object Flow Diagrams

For detailed analysis and comprehension, select an item and redraw the hierarchy of a single object. The redrawn diagram can be printed from the Documentation Explorer, allowing you to create a report of a single object's diagram.

Errors, Suggestions, and Performance Tips

List of Issues DetectedTotal Access Analyzer detects a wide range of issues to help you create better Access applications by flagging items that will cause it to crash, and offering suggestions to improve your application and performance.

Error Reports

Errors are problems that will most likely cause your Access application to crash. For instance, references to objects that were deleted or renamed crash when the user encounters them. When Total Access Analyzer detects these errors, you should examine them carefully and fix them before deploying your database.

Suggestion Reports

Suggestions incorporate our knowledge of Best Development Practices for creating professional Access applications. Suggestions cover items that are not necessarily going to cause your application to crash or perform poorly, but may make it easier to maintain, support, and appear more polished.

For instance, we may note that certain objects or code are unused, but that doesn't mean you have to delete them. Most suggestion reports are lists of issues. These two powerful reports are the results of analysis that you should review them to determine next steps:

Performance Tips

Performance tips are ideas where you may be able to enhance the speed of your application. Certainly, many tips are not relevant because you've already implemented the most efficient solution. Nonetheless it's helpful to consider these ideas or objects that may be made more efficient.

Module VBA AnalysisModule Analysis

Module Printouts

Total Access Analyzer offers two reports to print your modules. The first is the standard display of your code as is, the second formats your code to indent the logic loops and show brackets around loops and exit arrows from them:

Module VBA Code Analysis

Plus many other reports on module contents such as VBA functions, labels, variables, DoCmd, constants, compiler conditions, etc.

Basic Documentation

There are a large number of reports for each Access object type. Here are some examples.

Form and Report Blueprints

Quickly see what each form and report looks like with each control annotated:

Table Documentation

Query Documentation

Form Documentation

Report Documentation

Macro Documentation

  • Macro Dictionary listing all macro lines with indentations for IF..ELSE..ENDIF loops
    (available for standard and embedded macros in forms and reports)

Additional Reports

  • Database
  • Import Export Specifications
  • Object Inventory
  • Relationships
  • Ribbons

ADP Documentation

  • Database Diagrams
  • Stored Procedures
  • Views

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