Microsoft Outlook TipsEliminate Incorrect Email Addresses or Aliases from your AutoComplete List

Provided by: FMS Development Team

Do you hate it when you go to address an email in Microsoft Outlook and the auto-complete feature brings up all sorts of addresses that you don’t ever use, or ones that aren't even valid anymore?

There's a simple way to get rid of those unwanted items. Place your curser in the "To address…" field of a new email message. Type in the first letter of the person’s name you want to send your message to. A list of email addresses/names will drop down; the first one will be highlighted:

Outlook Mail Message To Addresses

Scroll up and down this list and hit the DELETE key to get rid of any addresses you no longer want popping up on your list.

This same feature works on the “Cc…” and “Bcc…” fields.

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