Microsoft Outlook TipsHow to filter out Junk Email in Microsoft Outlook

Provided by: FMS Development Team

Microsoft Office Outlook includes features and functionality designed to help block much of the junk e-mail messages (aka: spam) that you receive. While this is not perfect, it does catch a majority of the junk e-mail that may end up in your inbox every day. Microsoft also updates the filtering capabilities to handle new junk e-mail on a regular basis.

For information on how it works, and how to get started using this feature in Microsoft Outlook, we recommend reviewing this page: Microsoft Outlook Junk Mail

While the article mentions an AutoUpdate feature, it is not automatic in the same sense as the Microsoft Windows AutoUpdate feature. It does automatically install once you get to and select it, however, you must still click a couple of times on a regular basis to check for the latest updates.

Inside of MS Outlook, you can click on Help, Microsoft Office Online - or simply go to one of the URLs below - then click on "Check for Updates". The update wizard may ask you to download the latest component if you do not already have it installed. Once complete, Microsoft will scan the files and versions of your Microsoft Office products (versions 2000 and above only), then send information back to Microsoft for the purpose of updating those products with the latest available updates.

The junk e-mail filter updates are particularly useful and are continually evolving to handle new junk e-mail. Keeping the junk e-mail filters up to date will save you a lot of work throughout the day to keep junk e-mail out of your inbox.

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