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""It is blazingly fast...I was completely astonished at the speed of this tool.""

Thomas Wagner, eTechPartner, Inc.

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Optimized for Microsoft Visual Studio .NETTotal .NET XRef for Visual Studio Code Cross-Reference

Visual Studio .NET Code Cross Reference

Having trouble debugging or understanding complex Microsoft Visual Studio .NET code? Trying to get up to speed in .NET development with C# or Visual Basic .NET? Wondering how many hours that code change will really take? Total .NET XRef provides you with the answer to these questions and more.

Understand Your Code

Having trouble understanding C# or Visual Basic .NET code? Total .NET XRef is the solution to this problem. Highlight a class, variable, method, member, property, or any other code element you've defined, and Total .NET XRef instantly builds a list of all references to that item. In a few seconds, you can see everywhere an item is used, and navigate through the list to see how your code really works.

Drill Down Into Problem Areas

As you develop and debug, you need to know where objects are used. Total .NET XRef can help you find exactly where the problem is. And as your projects grow in size and complexity, instant cross reference of names becomes a necessity, not a luxury.

Determine the Real Cost of Changes--Instantly

So you want to re-factor a class, or re-write a method. How do you know how much time the change is going to take? How destabilizing is the change going to be to code? How many new bugs will you introduce by making a change? The standard approach is to the make the change and see what it breaks. If you have the time, you could also do a lengthy manual analysis of your code to determine the impact. Both approaches are fundamentally flawed. With Total .NET XRef, you can instantly see the number of places a proposed change would affect, making it much easier to determine the cost of the change and determine whether or not the change is justified.

Seamless Visual Studio .NET Integration

Total .NET XRef is completely integrated into the Visual Studio .NET environment. Load the product from the Tools menu, and a dockable toolwindow is shown. To invoke Total .NET XRef, simply right-click on the definition of any name in your source code, and the toolwindow immediately lists all places that refer to that definition.

The list includes where the reference is, the line and column number, and even shows you a code preview of the line. Click on the item and Total .NET XRef moves you to that itemís source file. You can sort or group the list by any field, or filter based on a condition you define. Total .NET XRef even generates HTML-formatted reports so you can print or save lists of references.

Powerful Features

Built on our integrated .NET parser, Total .NET XRef parses your entire project in the background and immediately knows exactly where things are used.

  • Completely integrated into Visual Studio .NET--Total .NET XRef appears as a toolwindow right in the IDE.
  • Right-click on any name in code you have defined and Total .NET XRef instantly builds a list of every reference to that name.
  • The XRef list shows the class name, member name, line and column, type of reference, and a preview of the line of code containing the reference.
  • Supports C# and Visual Basic .NET code.
  • Sort or group the list in any way you want. Multiple group levels are supported.
  • As you change your code, the background parser keeps up to date, making new calls extremely fast.
  • Total .NET XRef is written in 100% managed C#, and was designed from the ground up to be completely integrated with Visual Studio .NET and SourceSafe. With lightning-fast project parsing, a powerful listview, and list reports, code cross reference and change analysis is now easy and accurate.

Pricing and Availability

Total .NET XRef is available now. You can download a trial version or purchase the product.

Total .NET XRef Pricing
for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET

License Price 2003 (1.1) & 2002 (1.0)

Single License $199
5-Seat License $599

Premium Support Subscription

Single $299

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5 Seat $999

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Total .NET Analyzer is licensed on a per developer basis. Each developer who uses the program must have a license. License Terms