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"The entire tool is completely intuitive. It's a great training tool and has excellent potential for encouraging development standards. Total .NET SourceBook's simple elegance is impressive."

Andy Clark, Visual Studio Magazine

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Total .NET SourceBook is the Ultimate Code Library and Repository for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET. This easy-to-use product includes hundreds of classes, code snippets, how-to's and articles for just about every area of .NET development, and makes it simple to store your own code for sharing among your team.

The latest version of the product, Total .NET SourceBook 2005, incorporates many of the new features requested over the years, and includes code for and integration with Visual Studio 2005. Order today!

Total .NET SourceBook for Visual Studio 2003 and 2002 remains available for customers using those development environments.

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Total .NET SourceBook
for Visual Studio .NET 2005 No updates available.
Version is released October 24, 2006
for Visual Studio .NET 2003 Version
Released June 12, 2003
for Visual Studio .NET 2002 Version
Released June 12, 2003