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"No question this was one of the easiest transitions I have experienced due to the documentation you provide."

- R. Carter

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Unable to convince your manager or purchasing department that Total SQL Analyzer PRO is a "must-have" purchase? We have made it easy for you by giving you a list of compelling reasons why Total SQL Analyzer PRO is an incredible asset.

Top Seven Reasons Why Total SQL Analyzer PRO Will Save Time and Money on your Next Project

1. Provides complete documentation of server configuration - Great for troubleshooting server problems, or when you need to migrate objects and applications from server to server.  

2. Provides complete documentation of object schema - Useful for accessing current schema information, or to document “before” and "after" changes. 

3. Generates in-depth analysis of potential issues and performance problems - And provides suggestions to fix them.

4. Includes over 70 presentation-quality reports - View configuration and schema data grouped and sorted in a variety of ways.  All reports can be printed or exported to Word or HTML for inclusion in other systems or processes.

5. Features a powerful documentation explorer - View summary, property, and issues and performance data for each object analyzed.  You can also filter properties to see all values across a specific set of object - particularly useful when you want to perform consistency checking.

6. Allows you to create any number of customized jobs and re-run them at any time - Total SQL Analyzer PRO also includes a scheduler so you can easily run Jobs when your server load is at its lowest. 

7. Creates a history of Job results - See how objects have changed over time!