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"No question this was one of the easiest transitions I have experienced due to the documentation you provide."

- R. Carter

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Total SQL Analyzer Gets 5 Stars
"Total SQL Analyzer is a unique tool with a great price...Building on 15 years of experience, FMS continues to deliver outstanding bang-for-the-buck development tools. I highly recommend this product." - Thomas Wagner, asp.netPRO Magazine

Total SQL Analyzer Gets 4 Stars
"I hate documenting things as much as anyone, but I recognize the value and try to spend time working on it. I was excited to see a product that would ease the burden of documentation." - Steve Jones, SQL Server

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Total SQL Analyzer PRO
May, 2002, Database Developers Group
Total SQL Analyzer
May, 2002, asp.netPRO Magazine
Total SQL Analyzer
March, 2002, Visual Studio Magazine
Total SQL Analyzer
December, 2001, SQL Server
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November, 2001, DNJ
Total SQL Analyzer
October 10, 2001, SQL Server Reviews Total SQL Analyzer
"Overall this is a great tool." -- Danny J. Lesandrini

Total SQL Analyzer
July 31, 2001,

"I found the detailed listing of scripts for all database objects, along with issues for each, to be an invaluable documentation guide to the database design features. Another favorite is the dependencies report, which illustrates all the relationships among the objects in the database." - Sid Singer, Database Developers Group

"I can envision how great this tool would be to provide clients with detailed documentation of their servers and databases. Overall, Total SQL Analyzer fills a glaring hole in the existing SQL Sever toolset and is easy to use." --  Dianne Siebold, Product Reviewer, Visual Studio Magazine

"This great tool allows you to see what you have done wrong, e.g. different definitions of columns with the same name, use of too many NULL-allowances. If you didn't have this tool you would probably be ignorant of your faults." -- Lennart Gerdvall, FAKTAB

"I used the Total SQL Analyzer last Friday, it really helped me compare our development and production table structure quickly and accurately. The product is quick to install and bug free; the interface is intuitive, and easy to use; and the reports are well designed. I highly recommend this product for database analysis." -- D. Doyle

"No question this was one of the easiest transitions I have experienced due to the documentation ( Total SQL Analyzer Reports) you provided" -- R. Carter

"This remarkable product provides the common explorer-like interface that enables the user to quickly summarize key information or drill down into the details of each individual database object, including auto-generated details and recommendations on potential issues and resolutions. No other product on the market gives both the developer/administrator and executive such a powerful and effective set of tools to both analyze and report on database objects, relationships and server settings.  The clean high-quality reports are professionally presented, and easily publishable to any corporate Internet or Intranet for communicating ideas, documenting accomplishments or analyzing database requirements.  With this tool, we have added significant value to the documentation of our products for both internal development and presentation to investors and customers.  After saving hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars with the Total Access Analyzer product, we are excited to embrace the new Total SQL Analyzer product with both confidence and prestige.  Thank you FMS."  -- Jeremy Bartel, Voyus Canada Inc.

"SQL Analyzer is a simple, solid and useful product. With it we have been able to rapidly and consistently add an extra dimension to the documentation services we supply to our clients, while dramatically reducing both the time and effort required to generate a billable work product. It is simply impossible to manually generate the same work products as quickly, cheaply, consistently and repeatedly as SQL Analyzer does." -- Alex Thomas, Roadhouse Interactive

"Documenting SQL Server servers and databases has always been a tedious and time consuming task, and as a result tends to be neglected or at least put off until the last minute. Total SQL Analyzer has changed that - the documentation is always up to date, and as an added bonus it provides tips about performance and other issues. My clients love it - they get better, more complete documentation than ever before and better value for my time since Total SQL Analyzer has freed up the time I used to spend on documentation." -- Ketil Krumm, Systems Analyst/Developer, SoftConsult

"I ran Total SQL Analyzer against our production database of over 100 tables, 300 views and 500 stored procedures. When it made it flawlessly through that chore, I gave it a monster database of over 400 tables, over 1000 stored procedures and 600 views. Not a hiccup. Just rock-solid performance and great reports. The only down side is that now I'm no longer indispensable to the company." -- Arthur Fuller, Chief Developer ETS Escape Routes Inc.

"We were about to go live with our production database when I decided to run the Total SQL Analyzer Column Consistency report. I was shocked at what I found: many columns with similar names throughout our production database contained textual data but were defined with different lengths. There was a huge potential for data loss and for ASP pages to crash altogether when updating data. By using Total SQL Analyzer, I was able to quickly see this problem and modify our data structures. Crisis averted!" -- Joe Pell, i9 Solutions

"Just by running Total SQL Analyzer on a client's heavily-taxed server, I discovered that not only was the lock timeout setting unchanged from its default (a potential contention problem), but the default max async io setting of 32 was also still in effect and was completely inappropriate for that machine's RAID subsystem. I ran TCP-B, reconfigured the server, and now it performs like it was meant to." -- Brian Ford, Mirror Images