Total Visual CodeTools ManualUser Manual for Total Visual CodeTools

Total Visual CodeTools makes it easy to write new code and address issues that come with inherited code.

At FMS, we believe documentation is critical to your ability to maximize the value of our software products. The user manual is 176 pages and fully indexed to make it easy to learn about Total Visual CodeTools, how to use it including, archiving a database action, and troubleshooting tips.

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

  • About Total Visual CodeTools
  • Product Highlights
  • New Features in This Version
  • Visit Our Web Site

Chapter 2: Installation and Startup

  • System Requirements
  • Upgrading from Previous Versions
  • Installing Total Visual CodeTools
  • Check for Updates
  • General Guidelines
  • Launching Total Visual CodeTools
  • Uninstalling Total Visual CodeTools

Chapter 3: Managing Standards

  • Introduction
  • Standards Architecture
  • Setting Standards
  • Builder Settings
  • Cleanup Style
  • Commenting
  • Error Handling
  • Naming Conventions
  • Delivery
  • Managing Settings Files
  • Shared Settings Scenarios
  • Settings Cross-Reference

Chapter 4: Code Builders

  • Builders Overview
  • Using Generated Code
  • New Procedure Builder
  • New Property Builder
  • Long Text/SQL Builder
  • Recordset Builder
  • Message Box Builder
  • Select Case Builder
  • Copy Control Code Builder
  • Format Builder
  • DateDiff Builder

Chapter 5: Unused Variable Analysis

  • Unused Variable Overview
  • Running Unused Variable Analysis
  • Unused Variable Analysis Limitations
  • Using the Results

Chapter 6: Additional Tools

  • Overview of the Available Tools
  • Macro Recorder
  • Close Code Windows
  • Clear Immediate Window
  • Block Commenter
  • VBE Color Schemes

Chapter 7: Code Cleanup

  • Code Cleanup Overview
  • Operate from Backups
  • Ensure the Integrity of Your Project
  • Running Code Cleanup
  • Code Cleanup Options
  • Code Cleanup Processing
  • View Messages
  • Preview the Code
  • Apply the Changes

Chapter 8: Code Delivery

  • Introduction
  • Running Code Delivery
  • Code Delivery Options
  • Line Numbering
  • Variable Scrambling
  • Code Delivery Processing

Chapter 9: Product Support

  • Troubleshooting
  • Web Site Support
  • Technical Support Options
  • Contacting Technical Support

Appendix: Coding Techniques and Tips


Total Visual CodeTools User manual

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