Why Total Visual CodeTools is Right for You

Only Total Visual CodeTools gives you the coding tools you need for Visual Basic and Office VBA development. As a developer, you have enough problems already--worrying about standards, commenting, error handling etc. should be automatic. And with Total Visual CodeTools, these issues are automatically handled.

I need to automatically create new procedures with error handling and commenting structures

Whenever I create a new procedure I manually have to type or paste in my comment header and error handling code which includes the procedure name.

Solution: New Procedure Builder

The New Procedure Builder of Total Visual CodeTools automatically adds the comment and error handling blocks for you. Simply specify the procedure name and it builds the rest for you. You can use tokens to insert things like the current date, developer initials, procedure name, procedure type (function, sub, property), scope (private or public), etc. You can even specify Body Only if you want to insert the code in an existing procedure like an event procedure. Overall, it makes it easy for everyone on your team to create consistent procedures with the structure you've defined.

I need to add error handling to existing code

I have an error handler defined, but my application (or an inherited application) does not have error handling in all its procedures to call it. Manually adding the error handling, passing the procedure name, specifying whether it's Exit Sub or Exit Function is a real pain.

Solution: Code Cleanup

One of the most powerful features of Total Visual CodeTool's Code Cleanup feature is the ability to apply your error handling definition to every procedure that lacks an On Error command. This can be the same error handling structure you define for creating new procedures.

Code Cleanup automatically goes through your code and adds the error enabler at the top of the procedure and the error handler code at the bottom. You can specify where to use the name of the module, procedure name, procedure type (function, sub, property), and other tokens. You can choose whether you want Code Cleanup applied to one procedure, one module, modules you select, or all your code.

I can't read the code I inherited

The application I'm supporting was written by someone who used a completely different style from me (or maybe it was me a few years ago). The code isn't indented properly, there are no comments, and no variable naming convention was used. What a mess. I can't even begin to fix things because it's so hard to read. What can be done?

Solution: Style Cleanup

Total Visual CodeTools cleans up existing code with ease (example). In addition to adding your custom error handling to procedures that lack it, Total Visual CodeTool's Code Cleanup feature lets you simply select a procedure, module, specific modules, or you entire project to apply your standards. You have complete control over all visual style settings, error handling, naming conventions, and commenting to clean up an entire application in minutes.

Specify Coding Styles

Choose among these options:

  • Properly indent coding loops (e.g. FOR..NEXT, IF, DO, WHILE, SELECT CASE, etc.).
  • Split colon separated code in one line into multiple lines
  • Split single line IF statements into multiple lines with END IF
  • Separate single line multiple variable declarations into individual lines
  • Specify the maximum number of consecutive blank lines
  • Specify the number of blank lines between procedures
  • Sort procedures alphabetically or by type (e.g. Public before Private, or Functions before Subs before Properties, etc.)

Apply Variable Naming Convention

Total Visual CodeTools understands your code and can also apply Variable Naming Conventions. If all your Integer variables should start with "int" it can apply it. If you want global/public variables to be prefixed with a "g" and module level variables with an "m", it can apply that too. You can customize the naming convention you'd like and Total Visual CodeTools applies it.

Apply Commenting Structures

Total Visual CodeTools can also insert comment structures you define at the top of each module and procedure. At the module general declarations level, it can even insert a list of all the procedures in the module and their parameters. For procedures, it can list each parameter of the procedure. It can't add comments defining the objects but does take the grunt work out of inserting the structures.

The Code Cleanup can be applied to one procedure, one module, selected modules or all the code in your application. Once you can read the code, you'll be much more productive.

Converting SQL strings to code is a hassle

Taking SQL from a query and converting it to code is a real pain. The text needs to be assigned to a variable, it's long and needs to be word-wrapped, and if there are quotes, I have to manually replace each quote with two quotes or single quotes.

Solution: Long Text/SQL Builder

The Long Text/SQL Builder lets you easily convert an existing SQL string into code that you can insert into your procedure. It automatically word-wraps and understands the need to word-wrap on reserved words (e.g. FROM, WHERE, ORDER BY, etc.) to make it readable. It also converts quotes so that they work. This hassle is now gone in the blink of an eye.

Writing code to open and edit data in databases is complicated

Writing code in ADO or DAO is not easy when you have to open a database, worry about connection strings, create a recordset to a table or query/view with its options, specify the fields to retrieve, and update those fields.

Solution: Recordset Builder

The Recordset Builder lets you quickly create a recordset against an Access database or DSN source like SQL Server. Open the data source and browse, add or edit records. Easily switch between ADO or DAO syntax. You'll never want to manually write code to open a recordset again!

I need tools to build new code quickly

I write lots of code. I need tools that add new procedures in a quick, easy, and standardized way.

Solution: Code Builders

Total Visual CodeTools includes many tools to write new code with just a few mouse clicks. Need to create a new procedure? Simply open the New Procedure Builder, type in a variable name and press Enter. Total Visual CodeTools automatically builds the procedure with naming conventions, error handling, and commenting, and inserts it directly into your project!

Total Visual CodeTools also has builders for property procedures, long text strings, recordset code (ADO and DAO are supported), select case statements, message boxes, and more. With the Copy Control Code Builder, you can even copy all the event procedures associated with one control to another control.

Visit the Builders Tour to see each builder and its screen details.

I need to create robust distributed applications

I want to be sure that my delivered applications are as robust as possible. I use Office applications like Access or Excel and know that my source code is included with my applications. I also use Visual Basic, and want real error handling.

Solution: Code Delivery

The Code Delivery feature of Total Visual CodeTools helps you deliver robust applications or deliver your source code more safely (example):

Add Line Numbers

If your error handler uses the ERL function, you can pinpoint exactly which line of code causes your application to fail. With this information, you can often identify the problem without a repro case or the need to talk to the end user. To have this feature, each line of your code needs to have a line number assigned. It's no fun writing code with line numbers in them, so the Code Delivery feature applies this once you are ready to ship.

Code Obfuscation

For applications that must ship source code, like Excel, or if in VB or Access, you need to provide source code rather than an EXE/MDE, you may want to make it difficult for the recipient to use, understand or modify your code. The Code Delivery feature lets you:

  • Remove all comments
  • Eliminate all blank lines
  • Eliminate indentations
  • Rename variables to meaningless names (e.g. X1, X2, etc.)

The result is a smaller application that is harder to decipher.

The Code Delivery features can be applied to one procedure, one module, selected modules or all the code in your application.

I need tools integrated with Visual Basic and Office/Access

I don't have time to switch between third-party tools and my programming environment. I want tools that are directly accessible from my IDE.

Solution: Total Visual CodeTools

Total Visual CodeTools runs as an add-in in Visual Basic 6 and all Office VBA programming environments. Total Visual CodeTools is integrated directly in your IDE and available as a toolbar or menu. Simply select the tool you need, and its available. The code you generate from the builders can be inserted directly into your project (where your cursor is), copied to the clipboard, or sent to a file.

I need tools that work for my entire team

Ok, this all sounds fine. But I am part of a team. We have defined standards, and all my team members need to access coding tools in a standardized environment.

Solution: Total Visual CodeTools

Total Visual CodeTools is fully Enterprise-Ready. All standards can be shared and managed at the team level. The standards you define as saved in a file that can be shared by all your users across the network. It is simple as that--all team members using Total Visual CodeTools will use the exact same standards. Need to update standards? No problem, Total Visual CodeTools supports full updating of existing standards.

I need a cost-effective solution

I can't spend thousands of dollars per developer. I need a cost-effective coding solution.

Solution: Total Visual CodeTools

At $299 per copy and only $899 for five, Total Visual CodeTools pays for itself very quickly. The savings in development time, improvements in quality, consistent coding styles, and a more robust and supportable application are why thousands of developers rely on Total Visual CodeTools to create better applications.

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