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VIENNA, VA – December 8, 2004 – FMS, Inc. announced today the release of Total Visual CodeTools 2003, its next generation of the popular code development tool which supports Microsoft Office/Access versions 2000 through 2003. Designed specifically for developers using Access, Visual Basic, or any VBA platform, Total Visual CodeTools is a collection of professional code-centric tools and utilities that help ensure coding standards, reduce development time, eliminate errors, and create more robust applications.

Integrated directly into the VB/VBA Integrated Development Environment, Total Visual CodeTools offers a rich set of enterprise-enabled coding tools. Code Cleanup standardizes existing code at the procedure, module or project level so that inherited projects are easier to understand and handle errors better. Code Delivery prepares your code for distribution with options to obfuscate and add line numbers to dramatically improve the understanding of bug reports and fixing them. Code Builders such as the New Procedure Builder and SQL Text builder help you quickly write pieces of code conforming to your standards. Multi-user features support sharing of coding standards for the entire development team.

“Total Visual CodeTools makes it easy to implement professional standards for more maintainable applications,” said Luke Chung, FMS president and founder. “With Total Visual CodeTools, you can takeover an existing application, add custom error handling to every procedure that lacks it, and deploy applications that pinpoint the exact line where crashes occur. This makes it much easier to gracefully handle bugs, reproduce them, and fix them.”

Total Visual CodeTools 2003 includes several new Code Builders:

  • Copy Control Builder Duplicates code for events from one control to another
  • Format Builder Simplify the use of the Format command and its many options
  • DateDiff Builder Simplify the use of the DateDiff command and its many options.

"With Total Visual CodeTools, you can slip standards in as part of a productivity tool set - and expect that people will actually conform,” said Mike Gunderloy in issue 3.2 of “Smart Access eXTRA”. ”Also worth a look if you ever expect to go back and try to maintain your own code. Don't overlook the Help file either - rather than just describing the product, it's also got a long and useful section on VBA best practices."

Product Information

Total Visual CodeTools

Licensing is on a per developer basis. This version supports Access/Office 2000, 2002/XP, and 2003, plus Visual Basic 6.0.

Pricing is $299 per license, $899 for five licenses, and $2999 for 25 licenses. Upgrades from previous versions are $179. Larger quantity discounts are available by contacting FMS. Upgrade from previous versions is $179.

Total Visual CodeTools can be purchased directly from FMS, through corporate resellers, and international distributors. All FMS physical products offer a 30-day money back guarantee.

About FMS

Founded in 1986, FMS is a privately held software firm located in Tysons Corner, Virginia. FMS is the world’s leading developer of products for Microsoft Access developers, and a top vendor of products for the SQL Server, Visual Studio .NET and Visual Basic communities. With tens of thousands of customers in over 100 countries, FMS customers are comprised from a variety of public and private organizations including 90 of the Fortune 100. Committed to innovation and quality, all FMS products are developed by an in-house team of experts including several Microsoft MVPs, published authors, and frequent conference speakers. FMS is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, a Microsoft Independent Software Vender (MSDN ISV), an Intel Early Access Program member, a member of the Association for Competitive Technology and a member of Visual Studio .NET Integration Program (VSIP).

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"Total Visual CodeTools is by far my favorite third-party product."

Alison Balter, Author, Conference Speaker, Instructor

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