Module Development Tools for Microsoft Access 97

December 22, 1997
Vienna, VA

FMS, Inc. is pleased to announce that Total Access CodeTools 97 for Microsoft Access 97 (version 8.0) is now shipping. Total Access CodeTools 97 is a major upgrade from the previous version for Microsoft Access 2.0. Total Access CodeTools is a collection of tools and utilities to assist Microsoft Access developers improve code writing, create maintainable code, clean up inherited code, standardize existing code, and reduce the drudgery of common coding tasks.

Major Features

  • Procedure Builder to create new procedures with user defined comments and error handling.
  • *Property Builder to easily create Property Let, Get, and Set statements for class modules.
  • Code Cleanup to modify existing code by applying standardized indentation, variable naming convention, comment blocks, line numbering (for improved error handling), sorting procedures, and adding error handling in procedures that lack it.
  • *BookMarker to store development notes and task lists for each object in a database.
  • SQL Builder to convert query SQL syntax to variables with word wrapping.
  • Long Text Builder to convert text strings to variables with word wrapping.
  • Message Box Builder to generate code by visually creating message boxes.
  • Builders to create Select..Case statements, List Fill functions, and constants for all objects in the database.
  • *Database Tools to simplify getting object names, copying objects, and renaming objects without using the Access database window.
  • *Access Information feature to supply detailed information about your system and Access database.
  • *The Fix Screen utility to quickly recover from application errors in your database by turning the hourglass cursor off, turning screen painting on, and refreshing the Access database window.

*New feature in Total Access CodeTools 97.

Code Cleanup Enhancements

  • Support for the new 32-bit Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) syntax including class modules.
  • Variable naming convention for new data types such as Boolean, byte, and date.
  • Optionally apply naming conventions to user defined type members.
  • Ability to sort procedures and properties within a module or class module.
  • Option to split grouped Dim statements into multiple lines.

Other Enhancements in CodeTools 97

  • The SQL Builder supports SQL syntax line breaks
  • The SQL and Long Text builders support the VBA line continuation character.
  • The Message Box builder supports the new VBA constants and allows system-modal message boxes.

"We are very pleased to ship Total Access CodeTools for Access 97," said Luke Chung, President of FMS, Inc. "Over the years, the code builders in Total Access CodeTools has proven to be a real time saver for Access developers performing their daily tasks. Projects usually start out small, but tend to grow and become unmanageable over time. The Code Cleanup feature is great for developers and project managers taking over existing applications. By applying variable naming conventions, adding missing error handling and comment blocks, standardizing code indentation, and many other formatting options, Total Access CodeTools can save hundreds of hours of time and create code that is easier to understand and maintain."

Pricing and Availability

Total Access CodeTools 97 is available in two versions directly from FMS, Inc.: a single user version for $199, and a 5 pack for $599. Owners of previous versions can upgrade for $99. The 2.0 and 97 versions can be purchased together for $279. Total Access CodeTools is also part of the Total Access Developer Suite and Total Access Enterprise Suite. All FMS products come with a 30-day money back offer.


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